13 November 2013


I would hate to know how many mascara's I have used in my lifetime and being a mascara junkie it must run into hundreds.You will very rarely see me without a few coats of mascara, even when I exercise a waterproof one is applied.Over the years I have tried most brands out there, at one time or another, but the one brand that I have always enjoyed and are pretty much my "faves" are all the mascara's from Estée Lauder.
Which ones do I favour the most?
I actually enjoy them all and it all depends on what look I want to achieve, as this determines
which one I opt for.

I always go for a black colour ,but there was a time when blue mascara's were all the fashion,obviously I won't go there now!

Lauder have around 7 types of mascara to choose from depending on whether you want to make your lashes appear fuller, longer, intense or just give that false lash effect, which is what my review mascara is all about!


The Sumptuous Extreme mascara acts like lash extensions multiplying and growing the look of lashes and is also fortified with conditioning Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex.
It is also Opthamology and frgarance free.

The angled brush, which I have admit takes a little getting use to, and as I have made mention before, the brush "makes or breaks" a mascara for me and fortunately I soon mastered the angle brush head.The brush by the way is the Oversized BrushComber Extreme™ with two types of bristles-flexible fibers that carry maximum formula; solid fibers comb and separate 
for clump-free definition. I did find that it worked well with separating the lashes and 
avoiding those irritating clumps.

In order to achieve this volume, lift and curl for that audacious, false-lash effect the unique interlocking fibers build volume & length, hollow fibers create massive volume, without weight whilst the ball fibers fill in and fill out even the sparsest lashes.

I really enjoy using this mascara, but be aware that you do need to have a cotton bud close at hand to just remove any of the blobs that end up above and below your lash line. However it could be that my lashes are the cause or maybe I am just useless at applying mascara, 
despite this, the effect of thicker, curled lashes is well worth the time to do a little clean up.

The Sumptuos Extreme mascara is available in Extreme Black.

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