17 January 2016



This past week I have been using a sample of the benefit Air patrol BB cream eyelid primer.It was dropped into my sample jar just before Christmas, but being curious about this award winning product I purposely lifted it out to trial. 
I know.... my Sunday Sample post is supposed to be a random picking, but I cheated this time!

The Air patrol is a multi purpose product an eyeshadow primer which is formulated to extend the wear of eyeshadow and give a long-lasting colour that won’t crease, fade or smear, which is pretty standard for most eyelid primers, but the benefit Air patrol contains EnviroDefend complex with an SPF 20 known to help guard your delicate eyelids against sun, smoke and pollutants.

You may or may not be aware that I have been having a little love affair with benefit over the past few months, but as with all romances there comes a time when the relationship hits a "bump" in the road and unfortunately the Air Patrol has been my bump. 

I had read so many glowing reports about this product, so maybe I was expecting too much, 
but I'm sorry to report that for me it really was no different to other eyelid primers in terms of extending the wear of my eyeshadow. 
I have also read that it aids blending, but again I cant say I experienced this.
After saying this I have pretty "normal" eyelids, (not dry or greasy) and my powder eye shadows (I don't wear cream eye shadows) do stay put and don't really crease or move.
Perhaps if you are one of those people, and there are many, who battle to keep eyeshadow in place and crease free, then this product could be worth a try. 

Only available in one shade

Also being a BB cream I did enjoy the fragrance free, flesh coloured tint of the product, that evened out the tone of eye area ready for eyeshadow application, without feeling heavy, in fact is was hardly noticeable. 
I would imagine that this would be a perfect primer to neutralise any bluish tone of skin.
 What does appeal to me about this product is the inclusion of an EnviroDefend complex to protect the eyelid from environmental damage and I wished more brands would contain an SPF in their eye products, so a thumbs up to benefit for the addition of a broad spectrum SPF 20.
(I would seriously advise smokers to look at this product to counteract the ageing effects of smoke on the eye area)

My sample size had a needle point nozzle, whereas the full size product is a click pen that dispenses a small amount of product onto the CushionCalm™ tip.
Blend onto the eyelids, leave to set and then apply your eye shadows etc.

The Air Patrol retails for R345, which I find a little expensive for the benefits that I experienced, however if you're a perfect candidate for this product, then I am sure that the advantages will out way the cost.

Onwards with my benefit love affair!


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