29 June 2017


I did a large LUSH haul a few weeks ago and my 
QPR (Quickie Product Review) post
 this month contains just two of them plus a lip product that I have had for sometime.

MOVIS Facial Soap

Brand : LUSH
Product : MOVIS Facial Soap
Price : R68.50 per 100g


Movis is a play on the word Hovis (bread) and having grown up loving this iconic food staple I had to buy a slice to try.
This sweet smelling squidgy bar uses wholemeal bread to exfoliate and revive the skin, and wheatgerm oil, hop oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to soften. Movis is free from animal fats, palm oil and petrochemicals.
Slices are cut off a huge slab in store, but I highly recommend that you then cut into smaller sized cubes to use at home, as the product does go soggy, so rather have a small cube go soft rather than the whole bar.Smaller chunks also make it easier to handle and use.
This facial soap lathers well, but I didn't experience any exfoliation on the skin whatsoever, but regardless I enjoyed using this non drying quirky soap.


LUSH Black Stockings

Brand : LUSH
Product : Solid Body Tint - Black Stockings
Price : R135 


LUSH invented Solid Body Tints to conjure up old Hollywood glamour without the time commitment (or skin damage) of tanning. Melt one of the solid cocoa butter based tints all over your skin for just a subtle hint of colour or shimmery glitter, it evens out your skin tone and leaves your skin with an effortlessly glow.
One of my favourite ingredients Shea Butter gives this product its moisturising and melting quality along with the coppery pigments its great for that summer glow
Just melt and move the bar over warm skin and a soft tan appears.
Great for a special occasion or just to bronze those bare shoulders in summer.
Due to the climate in Durban being warm all year round it melted easily over the skin, but during the summer heat it could resemble more of a soft melted blob than a lovely heart shaped bar.


Blistex DCT

Brand : Blistex
Product : DCT Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips
Price : R79.95


This little iconic pot has been providing daily maintenance for dry lips around the world for many years and it recently appeared in South Africa.
 Blistex DCT Lip Protectant & Sunscreen combines cocoa butter, aloe & vitamin E to deeply moisturise and care for lips, and prevent drying and cracking.It also contains that all important SPF 20 to protects lips from the sun. 
Definitely one to consider if you suffer from extremely dry lips regardless of it being summer or winter.


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