2 June 2017


Again I have some promising beauty products to review over the 
next few weeks...



My favourite South African brand Rain kindly sent me 3 hair products from their Biologie range after reading about my recent disastrous encounter with a Dove shampoo and conditioner.
Rain isn't a brand I would normally looked to for my hair care products, so I'm very intrigued as to how it performs and as always I will report back to you with my findings and experiences after giving my hair a few weeks of some natural TLC treatment.



Here I am again trying to find something from The Body Shop skincare collection that I can honestly say that I love and can highly recommend, as you know I don't have too much love for this brand, but I must give myself 10/10 for trying, so let's see whether this Vitamin C Glow-Revealing Liquid Peel can convert me into a lover...



I've had the Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum for some time now and just haven't been able to incorporate it into my skincare routine due to having other serums on the go.
I enjoy using all the Avène products and haven't written a bad word about any of them and I doubt this product will be any different.


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  1. I recently got my hands on that Avene serum, and my skin that was angry and red has gone much calmer - I think it was severely dehydrated, and within 2 days of using that serum, it had calmed down SO much. It's now a staple in my routine.