28 August 2017


I'm going to try out the Inglot Under Makeup base this week, as I received a sachet sample in a "Goodie Bag" recently and not being one to use a primer daily, 
(I use only on occasions where I want my make-up to last) 
so I thought it might be interesting to put it to the test on my mature, normal/dry skin and see if it really does prolong the life of my foundation.

I have no experience with this Polish brand Inglot other than I did review their breathable nail polish several years ago.

Pop back on Sunday to find out if this product actually works and if my skin benefits from a primer or not, or is it  just one of those products that reserved for the younger more flawless skins...

1 comment:

  1. I haven't used many Inglot products either, so I'm keen to see what you have to say on this!