Sunday, 6 August 2017


This is only my 2nd post that I have written titled 
"3 Products I Didn't Finish & Why"
and all 3 of these products have only been purchased this year, but I have already put 2 of them to one side ready to give away and the other one has been disposed of.

It's not very often that I don't finish a product, even the ones that aren't that great, as I normally find some positives and benefits to make it worthwhile finishing and to be honest I hate wasting my money.

I have included the Pink Links below so you can catch up with my original review and find out in more detail what I personally didn't like about these items and the link to my first blog post about previous 

3 Products I didn't Finish and Why {1}


The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-Revealing Liquid Peel was rather disappointing and to be honest it's messy to use and I didn't see any results, so therefore I really didn't see any point in carrying on using it, when I have other great exfoliating and brightening products to use.

To read my original review 


The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish was another huge disappointment as I loved the colour, but it was just not viable, time wise, to be re painting my nails every 2-3 days due to the mad "crazing" that appears on the polish after a couple of days and just looks awful meaning that the polish has to be removed. Not great considering that Sally Hansen claim it lasts for  up to 14 days.I did persevere for some time before finally tossing this duo into the bin.


Another product I wasted my money on was this L'Oreal AGE PERFECT Cleanser that I very recently tried and have already put it to one side.
As a cleanser it performed poorly and felt very greasy on the skin and just didn't dissolve or remove my make-up very efficiently at all.

Please let me know if you have enjoyed any of the above products, as after all it's a matter of personal preference ...

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