23 August 2017


I didn't compile a QPR (Quickie Product Review) post in July, as it was such a busy month for me, but here are my thoughts on 3 products that I have put to the test very recently.

 After my hectic past few weeks my masking routine was stepped up a little, hence two mask reviews.
Pod or sachet masks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an affordable single dose ideal for masking on the go, but beware as they can work out more expensive in the long term.
Unfortunately two of the products are not available here in South Africa.
(I seem to have coincidentally scored each product a 6 this month)
Let me know in the comments box below if you have tried any of these products and what you thought. 


Brand : nügg
Product : Deep Hydration Face Mask (10ml)
Price : R75

Verdict :

nügg is an American beauty brand that is imported into South Africa by a local KZN company TrendRevolution and they offer South Africans top quality trending health & beauty products from around the world.
This single dose mask has been formulate to boost your skin’s hydration level, erase dry spot and bring comfort, dewiness and plumpness back to dry skin and is perfect as a winter mask.
94% natural or naturally derived ingredients including Camellia Seed Oil, Spirulina Extract and Aloe Juice.

This easy to use gel/cream mask can either be removed or you can massage the excess into the skin.
My skin did feel comforted and softened, but as always I'm sure on a drier more dehydrated skin you would notice a huge difference with regards to dewiness and plumpness.
nügg do have several other mask options and I've spotted a couple I would like to try for future QPR'S.
Again these pod packaged masks are so handy for travel and I'm cross with myself that I forgot to take this mask overseas with me recently.



Brand : Garnier
Product : Skin Active Juicy Mask Radiance (8ml)
Price : Not available in South Africa

Verdict :

I picked up this sachet face mask from Garnier at the checkout counter at Boots for 

just 99p (R17) so I wasn't expecting anything great, but I was pleasantly surprised with this lemon coloured gel mask.
This new generation of face mask combining Lemon Extract and Smoothing Active Glycolic Acid in a jelly texture that illuminates for smooth, radiant skin with a healthy glow.
Contains no Parabens and is Dermatologically tested.

Apply onto a clean dry skin and leave for 5mins and remove with water.

I enjoyed the gel texture of this mask, as it was different to the normal masks I go for and it left my skin feeling fresh,smooth and soft.
I wouldn't say that this mask is a "Must Have",but for the price and the convenience of the sachet it's well worth having a few on hand for travel.



Brand : Rodial 
Product : Glamolash Mascara XXL
Price : Not available in South Africa

Verdict :

This mascara was a free gift inside the UK Red magazine and I do love a free gift with a magazine and over the years I have received some great products, but sadly this isn't one of them. Valued at £24 (R420) the mascara from this high end skincare brand wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.
This conditioning mascara claims to supercharge volume to the lashes with an intense black colour concentration.Unfortunately I didn't feel it supercharged my lashes, but I do agree with the intense black, which I liked. I felt comfortable with the size of the brush and it didn't clump my lashes when applying.
Even though it was long wearing it sadly didn't wow me or offer me anymore than a mascara at half of the price would offer.


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  1. Those face masks are definitely something I'd like to try! I have seen that Nugg are available on places like Pink Cosmetics and other importers...