23 August 2018


Launched in South Africa last year 
Urban Decay is popping up literally everywhere on social media, 
especially with their recent spate of successful eyeshadow palette launches 
from their Naked Heat to their latest Born to Run palette which, 
as the name suggests, saw people around world "running" 
to buy this latest UD addition. 
In between these and in my opinion the prettiest of eyeshadow and face 
palettes was launched... 


I've had my eye on this since its launch and if there was ever a palette that 
seemed to tick all my personal preference boxes, it was this one.
It was inspired by the Vice Lipstick shade of the same name, 
which I also have a review on coming up soon.
Like two palettes in one, this travel-ready case holds eight nude-mauve, soft berry 
and muted rose eyeshadow shades on one side 
and four coordinating shades of blush and highlighter on the other.
and more importantly there all very wearable and universally flattering on
 most skin tones.
The double-sided, removable mirror acts as a divider between the eyeshadow 
shades and the blush and highlighter shades and
even though it did add to the weight of the palette it was handy.

With all the hype surrounding the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes,
 from way back when they launched their first Naked Palette, 
I was expecting great things from my R860 investment, as that what it would be 
for me an investment.
I've been looking for this kind of combo "go to" palette, that has all the 
eyeshadows and cheek colours that I need in one package,
 for what seems like forever...
You'll be glad to know, that even though I can be a hard critic
my pretty, eye pleasing purchase has not let me down 
and it's all that I've been looking for.

Besides looking "good" it also performs "good".
The pigments of all 12 colours in the palette are both rich and velvety 
and easy to blend with a good true colour payoff.
(I must mention here that good make-up brushes are important tools with 
any make-up application.)
The longevity of the shadows is impressive and even more so when used in 
conjunction with their Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
(I have a full review coming up next month on this product)

Overall this palette didn't disappoint and I find that I'm using
every colour on offer, which is a huge bonus, so non of those unusable
wasted shades in this collection.
Definitely it's a good useful mix of both matte and shimmer finishes, 
which I personally found to be very flattering and not ageing for the eyes
like some glittery and shimmery shadows can be.

Now for the bad news, after me raving about how great BACKTALK is
 unfortunately this little beauty was a Limited Edition and we all know 
what that means YES it's sold out Online
and it seems to be also sold out in all of their boutiques in SA.
To make matters even worse you can't buy the individual colours that 
make up this palette.

Whilst I understand that this isn't very useful to you,
if you do happen to find one around, either in SA or overseas
(I believe Sephora still has them on their website) 
my advice would be to grab it quickly.

However it has made me realise just how good the UD palettes and pigments
 are and I have more reviews on products from this edgy brand 
coming soon.
A piece of advice,when you see something newly launched from UD
and you take a shine to it, don't procrastinate too long
 otherwise like all good things...

It will be UD Gone...


(Sold out in SA)

(Still available on UD UK Website and in Debenhams and Selfridges)

(Exclusive to SEPHORA and still available)

UD is formulated is 100% Cruelty-free and free from Parabens