5 August 2018


Here's my latest QPR post on 3 products that I've recently tried and tested
including one where I broke all my own rules when buying...


Brand : Catrice Cosmetics
Product : Ltd Edition
Price : R99.95

After me saying in a "zillion" of my posts how I rarely buy on impulse and how I 
always put prior thought into my purchases, well here is what happens 
when I break my own rule.

I even wrote a blog post very recently on How to Avoid Impulse Purchases
I end up buying things, that not only hugely disappoint, but end up not being used 
and this is exactly what happened with the Contour brush from 
Catrice Cosmetics.

 I was first drawn to how pretty this white contour brush was
 and how unusual the shape was (the bristles are longer on the one side) 
the idea is that brush picks up the product and then you apply to the cheek area
ensuring that you contoured in the correct place.

Unfortunately the application was a fail, as the bristles are too firm
making it unpleasant to use over the cheeks 
(I seemed to remove more of my foundation than deposit the contour).
 Obviously everyone's cheekbones are shaped differently and on me this brush 
was sadly totally ineffective.
It was a Ltd Edition and doubt that it's still available.

Verdict : 4/10



Brand : Dr. Teal's
Product : Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salts
Soothe & Sleep with Lavender
Size : 1000 mls
Price : R120.00

Having heard several good reports about the American Dr.Teals Epsom Salts
 (they combine the ancient benefits of pure Epsom salt with the 
revitalizing and restorative qualities of natural essential oils)
I thought I would give their liquid Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salts a try, 
as I love a good long soak in a bubble bath and it's even better if it 
comes in a Lavender fragrance.

There are several other therapeutic fragrant variants available:
Eucalyptus & Spearmint, 
Rosemary Mint, 
Milk & Honey,
 Ginger & Clay,
Pink Himalayan and Coconut Oil

However when it comes to foam baths I always opt for the calming,soothing 
qualities of Lavender over any other options.
This bottle is huge as its a 1 litre and whilst it produced great long lasting bubbles 
I was a little disappointed with the intensity of the rather weak Lavender aroma.
However this foam bath wins hands down on price versus quantity and I will for sure 
re purchase one of their other fragrances or perhaps opt for a bag of their 
Pure Epsom Salts.
Its a brand that offers so many different "well being" body and bath products 
that I may investigate into this range further.

Verdict : 8/10



Brand : Cotton On
Product : Double Wick Fragrance Candle
Size : 290 grams
Price : R249.95
R70.00 with any purchase

 I'm sure I'm like many of you reading this, in that I love a good fragrant candle, 
but I'm finding the price of some of my more expensive branded ones 
becoming a little prohibitive in terms of their pricing, 
so I'm always on the lookout for more affordable options, as I often have them
 burning either in my bathroom,bedroom, lounge or office,
 so as you can see it can work out fairly costly. 
I recently spotted these rather pretty candles in "Cotton On" 
that we're on special,
 (bought without any other store purchase they would retail for R249
or with any purchase R70) which I thought was a good price.
These medium sized, double wick,scented, Soya boxed candles came in an
 assortment of fragrances and unlit they both smelled amazing, 
so I bought two.The one above was Kiss (French Can Can) and the other I bought
was Wild ((English Pear Freesia)

They have burnt down evenly and the fragrance pay off is fairly good
and they also come in heavy duty, pretty pastel glass containers.
However I'm not sure if these will still be available, but it seems that
"Cotton On" change their candle range regularly, so if you see them again
for R70 with any purchase in the store then try one, but at their
full price of R249 I personally wouldn't pay that.

Verdict : 8/10


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