12 August 2018


Can you believe it after months of silence with regards to my 
"Recent Empties" posts I've now posted 3 in quick succession.
 Just recently I seemed to have several products that have all finished 
in close succession, so I thought it was time to tell you which they were
and whether I'll re-purchase or not.

I have included the PINK links to all of my original reviews below,
 so you can read more about the individual products, prices etc.
 and why they're all worthy of a re-purchase.


I recently finished my Bourjois City Radiance Foundation,
as I find I use this shade 04 Beige more in winter, but sadly it seems that
 Bourjois will no longer be available in South Africa.
I have already stocked up on another one, as they were selling Bourjois 
less 50% in Clicks several weeks ago and I do like this easy wearing 
foundation everyday during winter.

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Over the years I have tried and tested a huge assortment of concealers 
and concealing my dark eye circles and in particular one pigmentation spot
 on my cheek has become part of my daily make-up routine. 
I have found the
Benefit BOI-ING Industrial Strength Concealer 
to be the best for covering and concealing areas that really do need something more 
 on an industrial strength, as its name suggests.
Considering that I use this product daily it seems to have lasted forever, 
but I've already got a back up at the ready .

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 did finish fairly quickly, but it's only 40mls and I have been using this product often. 
I'm becoming a huge fan of this French brand and now after using several 
of their products I find myself leaning more and more towards it being 
my brand of choice when asked to recommend skincare for sensitive, 
intolerant skins and it is one product that I will re-purchase for
 myself without hesitation.

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Yves Rocher is an inexpensive French brand that I really enjoy, especially for 
affordable cleansing products, but sadly it's no longer available in SA, 
but I was excited to pick up one of my favourite  products for 
removing eye make-up their
 Yves Rocher Express Eye Make-Up Remover 
in Brugge Belgium last year, but it's all been used now which leaves me sad, 
as I adore this product and highly recommend it if you can get your hands on one.
The packaging has changed since my earlier review but the product is still
just as good.

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Let me know if any of these are your regular re-purchases.

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