7 August 2018


For months now we have known that Urban Decay have been planning to open 
a store in Gateway Theatre of Shopping  (North of Durban), 
but little did we know that it's been a two year undertaking to find 
the correct position within the centre. 
Finally, in all its purple glory, it opened a couple of Friday's ago and I was lucky 
to have been invited along to the VIP opening prior to its officially launch
 on Saturday 28th July.

Urban Decay have 3 stand alone stores around SA and if I'm not mistaken
 their latest is also the largest. 
Urban Decay have been around for the past 20 years or so and their motto is 

Beauty with an Edge.

Urban Decay over the past two decades have never stopped experimenting
and now offer an endless array of high performance cosmetics that are much 
loved around the world and I'm happy to see we have our own store
here in Gateway.
 Their stores, besides looking fantastic are easy to navigate around and all of 
the products are well displayed
and the staff are super helpful irrespective of whether you're looking for an edgy
metallic look, a sexy smokey eye or a classic natural look.

Make-up junkies over 40 also want Beauty With An Edge, granted maybe
 not so much of the vivid bright colours, but there is so much more to UD
than that.
Urban Decay really do cater for all ages and all skin tones, so remove those ideas
out of your head right now if you think that UD is not a cosmetics
brand for you, as you will be surprised at the selection of products on offer
and the depth of shade selection they have.
(I was shocked to see that they have 40 Eye Pencil shades)

I was also excited to see a great selection of lipsticks and glosses
from deep-dark shades to bold bright to super versatile neutrals
(all in a range of finishes)
 there’s literally "Lipsticks for Africa" and something for everyone 
and I walked away with two. 

Hi Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss in the shade BACKTALK 
and one of their popular
 Vice Lipsticks cream formula in the shade Violate, but I could have easily bought 
so many more and I'm sure I'll be back.

Urban Decay are perhaps most infamous 
for their Naked Eye Shadow Palettes (of which there are now several) 
and I've been eyeing the Naked Ultimate Basics Eye Palette for sometime now
 online and have even picked it up in Selfridges in London only to 
put it down again in favour of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. (Sorry UD)

This palette contains all matte shadows, which are definitely more flattering
 on an older woman like "moi" and I'm hoping that once I've reviewed 
this palette it will be one that I can highly recommend as the
 Ultimate eyeshadow palette "go to" for everyday neutral and natural eye looks. 
As we were lucky enough to be gifted this palette,I thought I would buy 
myself the other palette that was on my radar, 
the more recently launched BACKTALK Eye and Face Palette. 

This collection revolves around soft nudes and pinks and I have to say I love the 
look of this pretty selection of eye and face shades.
I will be doing full reviews on both of the above and I'll be giving you my recommendations, as to whether they're worth the spend of R860.

 (I've just seen on their website that the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette has
been reduced and is now selling for R430)

My next purchase was an eyeshadow primer, as I know all too well that as we get 
older sometimes our eyeshadow doesn't stay in the same place, as we applied it 
or it has that nasty habit of creasing or collecting in the folds of the skin, 
that unfortunately only highlights any creepiness on the eyelid even more,
so I'll be putting the Eyeshadow Primer Potion to the test and of course I opted for
 the Anti-Ageing formula.

Over the coming weeks I will post my thoughts and opinions on these products
from Urban Decay, thus enabling you to make your own mind up as to whether
its worth spending your money on or not.
Just a spoiler though... I already give a thumbs up to two. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have used any UD products
 and which I should buy next.


  1. Wow this haul was awesome. I love Urban Decay lipsticks so much. 💖

    1. Hi it's the first time I'm using anything from UD so I'm hoping I love everything