Monday, 25 February 2013


Hands are a sure give away, of ones age, if they are not cared for! They are subjected to daily abuse from exposure to sun, wind, heat, cold and detergents...the skin on the hands is always dry,after all, you never hear of anyone complaining that they have oily hands...
Yet, how many times do we see a mature woman with a visibly youthful, well cared for face, but a quick glance at her neglected hands, reveals more about her true age.

I know I harp on about exfoliation, but its, as important to exfoliate the hands, as much as it is the face and body.

My absolute "must have" is from the french brand L'Occitane and is aptly named the One Minute Hand Scrub. Launched a couple of years ago as a "Limited Edition" product...hopefully it will be added as a permanent item to their product line up soon.

This original bi-phase formula comprising of organic brown sugars, which exfoliate and remove the dead cells,whilst the oily phase,consisting of 15% Shea oil, sweet almond and grape seed oils work their wonders to soften and nourish dry and damaged hands. This product is ideal for those "garden" or very hard worked hands!

It's really easy to use, but you must mix the two phases together with a spatula first, and then apply to dry hands, massage your hands together for literally for a minute. I take a little longer as I really like to concentrate around the cuticle and wrist area, then rinse well!
As with exfoliating the face, apply a mask immediately following or in the case of the hands apply a hand cream for an extra nourishing treatment. Use once a week or as often as you feel your hands need.

Voila! After a couple of minutes effort, your hands are softer, smoother, brighter and more nourished and hopefully don't reveal too much about your age!

Just a word of not attempt to travel with this product, as the oil oozes slowly out through the lid!
Another word of caution, this product is addictive so be warned!

Size: 100mls
Price: R265
Available at all L'Occitane Boutiques countrywide.

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