18 February 2013


Over the years I have managed to accumulate, many different make-up brushes in all shapes and sizes.What happens is, I find a new brush, that feels good to hold and work with and then my previous favourite is retired and added to the other retirees in the retirement home, that being my make-up drawer! Also, I just hate to throw them away, as they are often still perfectly good...

Well no more! as here are some great storage ideas, that don't cost the earth. They also make it easier to lay your hand on the brush that you need, it also frees up space in the retirement drawer and gives a new lease of life to some of your long serving make-up companions.
If you have any good storage ideas please let me know....

Speak nicely to your granny!

Use any pretty recycled jars

Place some coloured glass beads into a
 drinking glass and add some matching ribbon

Terracotta plant pots decorated with ribbon

Glass vase filled with white florists stones

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