Wednesday, 13 February 2013


There is nothing more romantic than candle light! Who can fail to be mesmerized by the warm, fuzzy, flickering flame of a candle......candles can transform the atmosphere and enhance the mood and look of any room.
I love candles and always have more than a few, dotted around the house, my bathroom being the resting place of many....a candle lit, fragrant bubble bath is one of my "very best" simple pleasures.
There are many beautiful fragrant candles out there , that often come with a "not so" romantic price tag.
Don't let the cost of these candles prevent you from enjoying the relaxing,soothing and calming effect, that burning one or multiple candles can have.
Below are some easy peasy, inexpensive, yet beautiful candle ideas for you to try. Many of these items can be found around the home. There is no better time to try than tomorrow - Valentines have fun and enjoy!

Jam jars filled with water, glass beads,
floating candles and raffia

Use any vase, sweeties, candle and ribbon

Plate or saucer,raffia or string, cut out hearts

Glass vase,candle or string and cut lavender or roses
(the heat will warm the flowers and release their

Small glass,candle and cupcake sprinkles

Vase or drinking glass,coffee beans,candle
and ribbon (the heat warms the coffee beans
releasing their wonderful aroma)

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