5 February 2013


Why? you may ask, have I named this post "MY" MANIFESTO? 
Well it's simply because....it's my "kinda" fragrance.
I recently wrote about its upcoming launch and on paper it sounded, as though this could be a fragrance for me! I know from past experience, that I often enjoy a slightly fruity, floral, feminine type of fragrance, however after saying this, all too often the fragrances sometimes do not live up to my expectations,
 but "Hey Festo" this one did!
However I fail to see, why, YSL should proclaim that MANIFESTO has attitude, audacity and is daring! 

Yves Saint Laurent also describe this fragrance as being:
"A bouquet of Jasmine punctuated by green notes and a bold trail combining wood,vanilla and tonka beans are the signature of this declaration of femininity".
The distinct top notes of Bergamot and Black Current initially give the fragrance a fruity, sweet aroma,which I quite enjoyed.
The middle notes of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley gave the fragrance its floral femininity,giving way to the lingering base notes of my favourite 
Vanilla and Tonka Bean combination. 
Being an Eau de Parfum, it had the staying power, 
which so many fragrances lack today.

My only complaint would be, the bottle, which is very reminiscent of Estee Lauders Youth Dew,that has been around since the 1950's! I feel they could have created a more modern form, but Hey! that's just my opinion....

So all things taken into account, I really enjoyed wearing "MY" MANIFESTO....but remember fragrance is very personal, so occasionally ignore some of the descriptive marketing words and just try the fragrance....."sans les mots"( without the words) and form your own opinions...and please share with me some of your own comments.

MANIFESTO is available exclusively at Edgars and Red Squares from the 4th February and from the 4th  of March, it will be available from other Yves Saint Laurent stockists.

30ml Edp R675
50ml Edp R995
 75ml Edp R1150

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