Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Well, as the saying goes "better late than never" and this post is very late, nearly two months actually!
My husband and I were holidaying in Cape Town over the Christmas season and what better place to celebrate our twenty fifth wedding anniversary?
Yes 25 years, which is quite an achievement in this day and age....

Being an organised soul I phoned and made a reservation at one of my, many favourite restaurants in Cape Town -  Harbour House Restaurant. 
I have eaten there a couple of times on previous trips to the mother city, but always "sans" hubby, so here was my chance for us to eat there together.
Booking a table in October, for Saturday 29th of December, may seem a little premature, but I can assure you it wasn't, as this waterfront restaurant is always well other words its always hectically busy and prior reservation of a table is highly recommended.

This well appointed waterside restaurant is situated on Quay Four at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town and opened its doors in October 2011. Its warm bleached wooden floors and floor to ceiling "slide back" glass windows open up to wonderful views of the bustling harbour. This all goes towards making this restaurant a simple, stylish yet relaxing setting in which to enjoy, some fine dining!

On our arrival, the restaurant was already full, so you can imagine my horror when they didn't have my booking! My heart sank.... I promptly explained, that I had made the booking way back in October, it was our 25th wedding anniversary and we had driven all the way from Durban.......... I must say that the staff were very apologetic and organised us a romantic table for two by the candlelit fireplace (in winter they normally have a roaring fire lit) and to add to the romance they sprinkled rose petals over the table, so all was good and I could relax again!

Seafood, is the speciality of Harbour House, but the menu is varied and caters for all. Specials are chalked up on a board and are explained fully by the efficient waitrons.

For starters we both ordered their delicious Tian of prawns, which I had raved about to my hubby since my last visit and thankfully it didn't disappoint. Its consists of 3 large prawns dipped in tempura batter and served on an avocado,aubergine and tomato tian,with basil mayonnaise and sweet chilli jam.


After saying, that this restaurant specialises in seafood, you may query, as to why I would choose a Grilled Beef Fillet dish as my main course, its simple really, I have eaten it there before and it was excellent and I wanted more of the same! As I remembered, it was just as good and it was accompanied by a fondant potato, fine green beans, mushroom ragout and a truffle cream sauce.



My hubby opted for the Sauteed Paprika Calamari, which was tossed in olive oil with black olives, capers, lemon zest, garlic & chilli. Served with fresh savoury rice salad,all of which he enjoyed.


Desert is always an option for me and I love a good creme brulee, so it never takes me long to decide on what to have, so Classic Creme Brulee it was...mmmm...made with farm house cream and real Madagascan vanilla and it was to die for!

The service, was under strain, as the restaurant was filled to capacity with many walk-ins being turned away, but we were not worried by this, as we were relaxed and on holiday! It was good to see so many overseas diners enjoying some of the Capes fine "all in all" we celebrated our wedding anniversary very much the same as we did twenty five years ago, together, in love and enjoying some good food....

Harbour House is open for lunch and dinner.

Telephone: (021) 418 4744
Fax: (021) 418 4746


  1. I love their mussels. Yum! :)

    1. Thanks for that recommendation,I'm not a lover, but my hubby is and we are lucky enough to be going back down to Cape Town in a couple of weeks...