Thursday, 28 February 2013


Today in my series of Back2Basics posts, I would like to cover the topic of Eye Creams.
There are hundreds of eye creams, gels and serums out in the market place to choose from, but why are there so many, and are they really necessary?

Where do we look when we talk to someone....we look to their eyes, but did you know that?
The skin around the eye area is more delicate, it can be four to ten times finer than the skin on the rest of the face. You only need to compare it to the skin on the neck, to realise that you cannot treat these two areas in the same way.
As we age, the loss of collagen and elastin further adds to this problem.
The skin around the eye is constantly being stretched and moved with laughing, blinking, squinting and straining and add to that, some rubbing, a poor diet and a few sleepless nights over a lifetime, and its no wonder that the eye area soon develops dark circles, puffiness, expression and fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles!
Oh! and that's not all, there are also fewer sebaceous glands around the eye, therefore making them more prone to dryness and this only accelerates the formation of lines and wrinkles.
It maybe tempting to take your face cream and just use it, around the eyes...
But, DON'T.. as this will only lead to puffiness and possible allergies. Face creams have a different molecular structure to those of eye creams and most eye products are opthalmologically tested and are tested as "safe" to use around the eyes.

The eye area is THE number one concern, of most women, when you consult with fact, skin care "savvy" males, also reveal the same concern. Hence we have a huge assortment of products to meet this demand.You can purchase products, that will help to reduce the puffiness and dark circles, soften the fine lines, plump and smooth the wrinkles, soothe, refresh, lift, firm and illuminate the eye area, all in the pursuit of keeping those eyes as youthful as possible.
So, eye products are "big" beauty business worldwide!

Do I believe that they really work? Yes I do and I am very thankful today, that I have used eye treatments daily, since being my twenties.

I always advise men & women to start using in their 20's, a light eye product daily and eye gels are a great product to start with , as they generally help to revive those tired eyes, lessen the dark circles and treat the onset of any fine lines.

As you progress through the decades, 30's, 40's, 50's etc. you will need to step up the intensity and frequency of treatments used. Seeking advice on more specialised anti-ageing creams,ampules and serums is highly advised. Everyone's needs and expectations from an eye treatment are different, so either consult with your beauty/salon therapist or visit the cosmetic consultants in store.

Here are some "eye product" guidelines:
  • Only use specifically formulated eye products around the eye area and this includes cleansers.
  • Remove creams from jars with a spatula and not your finger.
  • Apply the product around the orbital bone area, gently patting with ring finger.
  • Do not think that applying more,means it works better,so don't overload.
  • Make it part of your daily beauty regime, as the use of eye products is "on going".
  • You may need to change your eye products seasonally and most definitely as you mature.
  • All good houses will have samples for you to "try before you buy", so be sure to ask.
  • If you experience any uncomfortable sensation on the skin after use, then cease using immediately.
  • Always buy the best products that your budget will allow, don't economise where the eyes are concerned and this includes eye shadows, mascara's etc.
  • Eye products are unisex.

They say that 
 "The eyes are the windows to the soul"
 but please, 
let's not have those windows, framed with
 ageing deep lines and wrinkles...

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