Monday, 6 May 2013


I have written about the proudly African handmade range of products called Rain before and expressed my disappointment that there is no rain outlet in KZN...well that may all be about to change, as hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, we will have our very own shop in Durban soon......

I recently went to Cape Town and of course, rain was on my list of shops to visit.....for all those that read my blog regularly, you will know that bath products are just one of my many passions and my "bubble bath" is my little piece of absolute heaven at the end of an often long, stressful day....Foam baths,bubble baths whatever you like to call them, must both smell good and produce lots of fluffy, fragrant bubbles that just entice you to linger longer.

Each Rain store has a wall of foam baths/liquid soaps "on tap".These can be dispensed into either one of their plastic bottles at a R7.50 charge or you can take your own containers. The "fill your own container" idea is great, as is the refilling of the rain container and all helps to reduce waste and encourage recycling and that's always preferable. You also have the option of having the bottle come with a screw cap or a dispensing pump, which I thought was great to be given the choice, I chose the screw cap lid as I was using it as a foam bath.

I was undecided as to which of the fragrances to opt for, but I decided in the end to try the "Fynbos". The charge is based on a 100mls and my bottle of foam bath cost R38.61 including the bottle charge.
I enjoyed the Fynbos {Fine Bush indigenous to the western and southern Cape region} fragrance as it was reminiscent of a fragrance from my childhood. The bubbles were long lasting, but just to enlighten you, I am a generous "pourer" of foam baths and not a "dropper". I didn't find the foam bath to have any noticeable moisturizing benefits, but for the price I didn't expect it to....but it certainly didn't have any drying effect on my skin either.

Would I recommend?
A big... Yes! and I am going to visit their shop in Cavendish today to buy some more and increase my stash of foam baths, before I leave to go back to Durban on Wednesday.


  1. Their Rock Mint bath salt is amazing!!!

  2. I see you discovered one of my favourite brands on your last day in Cape Town. Enjoy :)

  3. I have to admit I have been aware of rain for several years, but have never tried any of their products until I came to Cape Town at Christmas and then tried more again when I was here in March.I stocked up on some goodies last week in the V&A and again at Cavendish today,so I should be good for a short while....I cant wait for a store to open in Durban!

  4. Try Rain's Wintergreen Bath salt if you ever feel sick or want to really relax. It feels as if you have been on a holiday for 2 weeks after you used that amazing product! I LOVE Rain products, and the company. Great people and beautiful shops! I am very proud to be sponsored by Rain as a semi-finalists for Mrs. South Africa! How lucky can you get!