26 August 2013


Despite being the vital first step in any skin care regime, I have always proclaimed that cleansers are just one of the areas where savings can be made.If you are on a tight budget then rather channel your resources into buying good treatment creams and serums rather than spending on cleansers and toners. Now I am not saying...don't use,but what I am saying is, rather "down" spend if you need to.There are many good, affordable priced cleansing milks on the market.

Started in 1959 by Monsieur Yves Rocher , Yves Rocher was the first French brand to create plant based beauty products. Concentrated in Botanical actives,which not only respect your skin but also the planet, are guaranteed GMO free.Where possible all chemical ingredients are replaced with a natural alternative.The products contain no animal ingredients with the exception of Honey and Beeswax and priority is given to organically grown plants that are pesticide free. Dermatologically and Opthomology tested this brand has nearly 50 patents, some of which are pending and has more than 30 million consumers world wide.Their product range covers "top to toe" skin care proucts, hair care, make up and fragrances.

As we all know the growing trend is to use cosmetics from companies that are ecologically, environmentally and ethically responsible and Yves Rocher is exactly that.They do not use unnecessary packaging, they use recycled or recyclable packaging and more importantly they use only biodegradable foaming formulas.

I recently purchased an Yves Rocher 3 Detoxifying Teas Velvety Cleansing Milk and this is the first product from this brand that I have ever tried. Yves Rocher has been around overseas for many years, and in actual fact, it has been in South Africa, albeit "on and off" for many years also.
However the brand is now available at selected Woolworths,Truworths and Pharmacies countrywide.

200mls R100

As you flip the lid open and squeeze out a controlled amount of the cleanser, you instantly smell the freshness of the botanical ingredients. I could immediately pick the fragrance of the 3 tea extracts, Green,white and Madagascan. One of my favourite natural ingredients also appears in this product and throughout the range - Sweet Almond Oil, which is Organically grown. There are five cleansing products in this anti Ageing and smoothing range.

The cleanser was easy to use and glided effortlessly over my skin, whilst effectively removing all of my make up.....Remember a "double cleanse" is essential if you wear make up. On the second application I could feel the texture of the cleanser, which as they claim in the name, is velvety...
My verdict of this product.....excellent and at R100 for a 200 ml size, it's offers 50 years of Botanical expertise at an affordable price.
Visit one of  the Yves Rocher consultants and they will advise you as to which range will best suit your skins needs or you can click on the pink link to find out more about this iconic French Botanical range.


  1. Wow, that's a good price. Need to go have a look.

  2. Yes it is and I want to try the toner next, when my current one finishes.