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Umhlanga is fast becoming the re location choice of several of the Berea restaurants and I for one ain't complaining.
Mo Noodles formerly of Florida Road has been around for several years and has stood the "test of time", which speaks volumes about the popularity of this Thai Fushion eatery. I have eaten at mo's a couple of times when there were over the other side, and I have always enjoyed their food, so I was really looking forward to trying again in its new home!

Thursday evening at the end of the month and the restaurant was busy and vibey. We hadn't booked, but a table was soon found inside and before we even sat down we asked if we could have a table outside...why did we want to sit outside, you may ask....just one word...Noise! The noise inside the restaurant was horrendous and we could hardly hear each other talk. The double volume space inside the minimal restaurant just exaggerated and intensified the noise levels. So if you want to have a good catch up and natter with your girlfriends or better half, be prepared to shout in order to be heard!

Cute cutlery presentation

The menu is short but includes the obligatory Thai soups,salads, noodle dishes and Thai red and green curries. They also offer half and full portions of all their dishes and I opted for the half portion of their famous Feta and Lentil salad at R40. Alas the portion was small and to be honest, I make a better version myself at home.

Small half portion of salad R40

I think you can sense that the evening was starting to head south! Hopefully the Thai red chicken curry (half portion at R40/R75 full portion) would salvage the evening. My hubby enjoys a good  flavour filled Thai curry, as I do, but guess what....this curry wasn't filled with too much Thai flavours,so much so, that he sent the dish back as unacceptable and even though the waiter offered to put through an order for another meal, my hubby refused and sat "foodless" whilst I ate my very average chicken curry, which comprised of more sauce,green beans and coriander than chicken. Now I must point out that I am always the mouth piece when it comes to any problems,complaints or queries, so this action was unusual for my hubby!

2 strips of chicken in my Thai red curry

Whilst the waiters were attentive and efficient, the food, the atmosphere and the location just didn't do it for us, needless to say we won't be returning for a second visit. My hubby is of the opinion that opening a restaurant in Umhlanga does not give the owners Carte Blanche to churn out pricey, mediocre food and I have to agree with him.... after all... there are too many good restaurants in Umhlanga to settle for average!

Physical address: Shop 8, Beacon Rock, 21 Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal  0315611722
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30pm - 2.30pm 
                         Mon-Sun 5.30pm - 9.30pm

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