21 August 2013


Choosing a foundation has been a little bit of a "hit and miss" affair for many of us. I am sure we have all been victims of buying the wrong shade or tone of foundation. Don't despair as this little gadget will capture a photo of your natural skin tone and will team you up with a "perfect match" from a database of over 1500 foundations that the cosmetics and beauty retailer, Sephora stock.
However I can foresee a few challenges in regards to freckled skins, pigmented skins and 
will the match be suitable for the neck if only a photo is taken on the face. I am sure
that there could be miss matches, but in principle I do believe that
 this service would be a "godsend" to the majority.
How cool would this be if it were available as a service in somewhere like Edgars and Red Squares.
View the video to find out more...

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