27 August 2013


Many years ago I remember trying to apply my foundation with a foundation brush, as it was the new "thing" at that time. The brush was going to replace the make up sponge and the "good old" finger application. I had little success with applying my foundation with a brush and it was not due to the type of brush that I bought, but with my method of application. I clearly remember, gingerly painting the foundation onto my face with careful strokes, hence it was somewhat a disaster.....and that was the end of me using a brush and back to the sponge it was!

You may have seen on my blog, several make up tutorial videos by Wayne Goss a UK make up artist and it was through watching one of these tutorials, I realized where I had gone wrong all those years ago. He applies foundation using a brush and there is nothing artistic about the way he works the foundation onto the skin. He uses circular and up and down brush strokes and there are no delicate movements. 
He is also about to launch his own brush collection which I would love to get my hands on.

To view these tutorials click on the pink links below.

Believing that I could do the same, I armed myself with an inexpensive nylon bristle foundation brush from the QVS range at Woolworths and "Hey Presto" success was achieved. The coverage was good and even, with no brush strokes. I was able to dab the bristles into the corners of my nose and application under the eye was easy!


If like me, you are unsure, then try using a cheaper brush like the QVS and if its a method of application that you can master and enjoy, then great, if not, then you haven't spent too much on the brush. I can already feel that a new and no doubt a more expensive and proffessional brush is on the cards.

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