26 March 2014


It's no secret that I have a soft spot for the French brand L'Occitane and over the past 5 years that it has been in South Africa, I have tried many of their great products. Shea Hand Cream is perhaps what springs to mind when anyone mentions this brand and rightly so, as a tube sells somewhere in the world every 3 minutes, other great products include the Almond Shower Oil and their Shea liquid hand soaps are without question the best around. 
Oh! I mustn't forget to include the Lavender Purifying Hand Gel...
I could go on and on mentioning my "faves".

But are you aware that L'Occitane produce a best selling and International award winning 
Anti-Ageing cream?
The "Divine Ultimate Anti-Ageing Cream" was very aptly named, as it truly is Divine.

Here are some of the international awards that have been bestowed upon this cream:
  1. Voted best anti-ageing cream by the UK’s Anti-ageing Beauty Bible in 2011
  2. Winner of the Santé Magazine “Prix Beauté Santé France”,health & beauty award in 2011 
  3. Voted best beauty buy by Style Singapore magazine in 2011
  4. Awarded UK’s Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended in 2012. 

Originally the range consisted just of the one cream, which I have been using since its 
launch in 2010, but gradually they have developed more products to create this brands 
"Creme de la Creme" 

  L'Occitane have a great understanding of plants and their effects on the skin and are continually  looking to nature for ways in which to combat ageing, based on this ongoing research L'Occitane have just launched their "new generation" of Divine Skincare.

With a new formulation, L’Occitane have introduced a new complex
of 7 naturally derived active ingredients that have been proven to efficiently combat metabolic and replicative cellular ageing, which dramatically boosts the already
impressive properties of immortelle plant extracts.
This complex enhances the complete anti-ageing action of immortelle at the very heart of cells,
 to help fight and correct the signs of ageing better than ever.

The Divine product range includes:

Divine Lotion

Divine Lotion R655 (200mls)

The first step of this anti ageing beauty regime is to use the Divine Lotion, which helps maintain the skin's balance and accelerate cellular renewal, to optimise the action of the extract and cream.


Divine Extract

Divine Extract R1360 (30mls)

This Ultimate Youth face Serum has a fresh velvety gel texture which absorbs quickly into the skin and contains a high concentration of active ingredients which boosts the effectiveness of the cream.


Divine Cream

Divine Cream R1390 (50mls)

This anti-ageing cream melts into you skin to provide complete rejuvenation of the skin by lifting the features, redefining facial contours and brightening dark spots as well as the skin’s tone to ensure that the skin retains its youthful glow.  


Divine Eyes

Divine Eyes R865 (15mls)

A fresh gel-cream eye contour with anti dark circles and puffiness benefits that helps to fight the signs of ageing and enhances your eye contour area. 


*These 4 products are designed to be used both morning and evening. 
Apply all over the face and neck in upward movements, avoiding the eye area.
Divine Eyes apply using the ring finger and gently tap around the eye area.

The Divine skincare range is my personal favourite, of all  that I have used in my 35 years of being in the beauty business. Not only does my skin respond well to the products, I find it to be an easy regime to follow as  all the products are to be used both morning and evening. I even derive enjoyment from the packaging, as they are little pots of Corsican sunshine that I get to experience everyday.

 However I have to admit, that I was somewhat worried that these additional ingredients would detract from "Divine..ness" of this anti-ageing range. After trying all four products with the new formulation my concerns were unfounded, as the additional ingredients have enhanced this range without changing the light texture, yet provide wonderful nourishment for my dry mature skin.
 I did notice that the distinct fragrance from the Immortelle flower is less prominent than before. 
Again I was a little sceptical about the inclusion of a Lotion, but after trying, I found it enhanced the luminosity of my skin, whilst providing the first layer of softness that only improves as you apply each of the following products in the regime. 
At no stage does your skin feel overloaded. 
If I had one complaint, it would be the non inclusion of an SPF.

This range, as a "50 something", provides me with all the benefits and advantages that I am looking for in products that will, with a little help from nature, fight the signs of ageing.
Has it lost any of its "Divine..ness"....most definitely NOT and I personally cannot wait for L'Occitane to research some more into the magic of nature!

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You can now order L'Occitane online in South Africa

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