12 July 2015


I should have shared this Sunday Sample post with you 3 weeks ago, however I am now into my 3rd week of using and it's still not even half used, so I thought I would delay my review, as it allows me more time to sample this truly Miraculous Oil. 
The Huile Prodigieuse from the French house Nuxe has been around since 1991 with millions of bottles of this dry oil for face, body and hair being sold worldwide.
 With top notes of orange blossom and plum head, heart notes of rose, geranium and magnolia, and a sensual base of coconut and vanilla.....you cannot help but fall in love with the fragrance and I'm sure it's been a huge part of this multi tasking oils success. 
Add to this a natural formula of 97.8%, the Prodigious Oil enriched with vitamin E and guaranteed silicone and mineral oil, 6 Precious Plant Oils (Macadamia, Hazel, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and Hypericum),  it cannot help but nourish, repair and soften the face, body and hair.

Nuxe Huile Prdigieuse

I have recently finished using the Divine Oil from the French brand L'Occitane and whilst I am a huge fan of the brand and especially the Divine anti Ageing range, unfortunately I was unimpressed with what the oil did for my skin. I felt the texture was was too heavy, even though I used only a small amount I could feel a film of oil on my skin in the morning. On the other hand the Huile Prodigieuse delivered an amazing softness to my skin overnight and as you can imagine I was super impressed.The oil has a fine unique texture and was easily and quickly absorbed and no residue was noticeable the next morning. 
Treatment oils are currently in "Vogue" , as most skincare housed have at least one or several in their product line up, but I have never been a huge fan, until now that is, thanks to the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse I have finally found one that is non greasy and that my skin responds to positively.
This oil unlike many can be used in the evenings all year round and I have no qualms about using it as part of my nightly skincare routine during the hot humid climate of a Durban summer. 
I haven't tried on my hair or body yet, as I am using my 10ml bottle of precious oil for face only....Luckily they produce a 100ml spray bottle, which is better suited for application to the body and hair.
I give this product a huge thumbs up and its well deserving of any awards and accolades won over the years.
P.S. If I was ever stranded on a desert island (hopefully never, as it would be my worst nightmare) and I could only take one skincare product, this would be most definitely be the one.

100ml Spray 
50ml Bottle 
Available for Selected Truworths countrywide

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