20 October 2015


"Oh no...not another Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water review" 
I hear you say...
I'm afraid so, but before you leave my page, this review is written by
a fifty year old beauty blogger. 

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

Since launching several months ago in South Africa social media has been 
bombarded with very positive reviews and comments about both the 
Pure Active Micellar CleansingWater 
(combination /oily and sensitive skin)
and the one that I obviously tried, for dry and sensitive skin (pink lid)

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a multi purpose product, 
as it removes make-up, cleanses the face,eyes and lips, 
all without having to remove or rinse off. 
How can one product achieve so much...Well it's all down to the Garnier Micellar technology in this all-in-one cleanser. 
The cleansing agents attract and capture the make-up and impurities lifting 
them away from skin, leaving it perfectly cleansed and refreshed.

I'm somewhat sceptical about products that claim to "do it all", however after
 the first use I was convinced that this product does "do it all" and convincingly so! 
I have been using this efficient cleansing water now for several weeks, both as my cleanser in the morning and as part of a double cleanse in the evening
 and I have no complaints. 
It couldn't be easier to use-just apply to a cotton pad and wipe over the 
entire face including eyes and lips, leaving my skin feeling cleansed 
and soothed.

I also enjoy that its:
 Fragrance free
Ophthalmologically tested.

I wasn't one of the many lucky beauty bloggers to receive this product as a 
freebie from Garnier, but at R79.99 for a generous 400ml bottle 
I'm not complaining, as it's worth every cent. 
Garnier have a winner on their hands with this product, as we really don't have
 in South Africa, the Micellar Water selection to choose from and those that
 we can buy are far more expensive for far less quantity.

I said earlier that I had no complaints, but I do have one!
 Garnier claim that 400mls of this product will equal 200 uses, but for those that know me, I have a gripe with the size of the dispensing hole in many of the 
L'Oreal and Garnier liquids, as the hole is just too large and in my 
opinion encourages wastage. 

It is difficult to control the amount that you dispense onto the cotton pad, so just be aware otherwise your bottle wont last for any where near 200 uses.
My youngest "Kiddiewink" unbeknown to him will be using the combination 
version soon, so I am curious to see how it works on a typical teenagers skin. 

Available from Clicks countrywide and Dischem

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  1. I'm so enjoying using it and it is amazing how it cleans