27 December 2015


I don't often write reviews on nail polishes, even though I must have literally bought hundreds over the years, as there isn't too much different you can say and one review is pretty much similar to the next.. 
I often post some of my "faves" on Instagram and facebook and if I'm in love with a colour it could even be worthy of a love tweet.
That being said I think I have found my all time favourite nail polish, yes "all time" so I'm dedicating some blog space to this one. 

O2 Veil of Vision

I only bought this polish a couple of weeks ago, as I thought it would be a nice colour to wear on my nails over the festive season. Catrice Cosmetics is a European budget brand that has been in South Africa for a few years now and even though I have heard good reports about their range. 
I hang my head in shame, as I have never tried any of their products!

This polish is part of a Limited Edition Trend Collection called Visionary and the nail colour is
 "O2 Veil of Vision". 
Catrice launch many Trend limited edition looks and I found this polish along with other products from the collection on a shiny new merchandiser all set up in Red Square Gateway, 
I also bought this Multicoloured Highlighter from the same collection.
I'm sure I will review soon.....

Multicoloured Highlighter

The first thing you notice about this polish is the quality of the bottle, as it really speaks high-end as opposed to budget. As you may or may not know, many cosmetic brands have their products made in other countries under their own label. The multicoloured highlighter is made in Italy and the Catrice nail polish is made in France, so maybe that's why it feels good!

The polish brush is often "make or break" for me and I'm happy to report that the Catrice brush is a good width and just makes the polish application so easy. The colour is a pinkish,pearlescent, iridescent white, which just gets better as you apply more coats. 
I applied about 4, which I know is a quite a lot, but I love the final look. 

After 6 days

Another huge plus point, its quick drying and being a light colour it doesn't show the chips and is really forgiving if you are not the best nail painter. 
I have been wearing for 6 days in the photo and it still looks pretty acceptable.

The cherry on the top of my new found "all time" favourite polish is the price...
this polished gem will only set you back 

Second thoughts....I think I will delay posting this review, as I need to go back to Red Square Gateway to buy more before it sells out, as being limited, it won't be available again.
Sorry guys!

Catrice Cosmetics are available from


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