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Welcome back to the 2nd part of my GlamPalm Magic Curling Wand review.
If you didn't read my first part then just click on the link below to catch up and read to the end of this post to find out about a little extra something that I am offering in order for you to get "curls" for the holidays.

Just to recap I have been so happy with the Glampalm iron that I reviewed some months ago as the condition of my hair has improved greatly and I just love it!

Not having ever used a curling wand before I had to have a quick lesson thanks to many good tutorials on YouTube.
I soon realised the importance of the heat resistant glove (remember the glove that spun me into a panic when I opened the box), its vital for the hand that feeds and winds the hair around the barrel, as the barrel gets extremely hot. 
*Do not attempt to style your hair without wearing it*

After blow drying my hair and using my usual heat protector, even though Glampalm say you don't need to (old habits die hard) I had several "trial and error" attempts to curl my hair, as remember I'm normally a "straightener" and not a "curler".

I must admit I was all fingers and thumbs at first but I soon managed to coordinate my hands fingers and arms to navigate around my head and create curls.
 I think I achieved a reasonable amount of curl and bounce ,which surprised even me, as I have long non layered hair.
Without doubt I am far slower with the process of curling my hair, as opposed to straightening it, but the extra time spent is well worth it, as the proof is in the finished result. 
My hair felt beautifully soft, shiny and more importantly healthy.
The curls that I created, on my type of hair, did drop with time,however it still looked pretty good the next day, which really shocked me.
On a side note I did find it difficult to recreate the same flowing curl look over again, as each time the style I created was slightly different, maybe with more practise the desired curled look will become more consistent..

The photos below show my preferred style and my best attempt.

GlamPalm Magic Curling Wand

Here is some all important "gen" on the Glampalm wand:

  • Ideal for creating loose curls without compromising your length
  • Gives you a soft, movie star curl, that looks more natural
  • Barrel diameter is constant – width from end to end is not cone shaped – making curls is easier as your hair will not slip down the barrel
  • Healing stone and alumina powder for extra shine and hold
  • Clipless curling wand – no clips makes it easy to get the look and style that you want
  • 3 temperature settings allow you to change the precise heat control for more flexibility, with LED display indicators
  • The styler starts up 26 secs quicker than other similar stylers.
  • 1 Year Guarantee and manufactured in Korea


I soon discovered that the temperature control is a "must" on a curling wand, as is a long swivel cord and the push out clip for easy standing

After so many years of being straight I am surprisingly enjoying my new found curls.
The compliments from my friends about my curls was unbelievable, so positive and encouraging that it has spurred me on to continue to "curl".

How silly I was to be somewhat closed off to the concept of curls,
 so thank you once again to GlampPalm for teaching me an "old straight haired dog" the new trick of
how to create wonderful healthy looking curls.

P.S. Even the glove doesn't instill dread in me anymore, so its a success all round.


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  1. I am totally obsessed with this Glampalm curling wand!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I am a convert with both the iron and the wand, better than all the rest!