11 September 2016


I know what you are most probably thinking...
What is a tweexy?
I was recently sent one and I thought the same, so what is it.


Tweexy is a 100% silicone wearable nail polish holder.
It holds any shape and standard size of nail polish bottle and fits comfortably and most importantly securely over any size of fingers.
It simply puts an end to any reaching to dip the brush into the bottle that often leads to those inevitable spills that I'm sure we have all had at some point.
Over the many, many years of painting my nails I have only had a couple of spills, that have required quick reactions to prevent a full on disaster.

I'm a paint my nails at night in bed kinda person, which means that I am always balancing the bottle on either a magazine or book.
This simple yet effective design allows you to paint both spill and worry free and on the go if necessary, as you don't need to rely on a flat surface to place the bottle.

tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

It's one of those items that I didn't think I needed, until I tried it and now I can't live with out, 
as it really does make painting my nails safer and easier, as the bottle now sits securely and closer to my nails.

If you a daily wearer of nail polish like "moi" then I can highly recommend a tweexy.
It retails for R225 excl postage, but considering that its made from silicone it should be a manicure tool that lasts.

Tweedy is available in 3 fun colours Bonbon Pink,Spa Green and Sapphire Night.

If you would like to order or know more about the tweexy then contact


or on their social media platforms 

Twitter : Tweexy_ZA
Facebook : Tweexy ZA
Pinterest : TweexyZA

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