16 March 2017


This is my fourth and final post of my 8 week trial of using the daily drinkable collagen ampoule
Collagen Lift Paris Red Carpet with Hyaluronic Acid 
 and after a sceptical start, it's interesting what can happen over an 8 week period.

I settled into my daily morning routine of drinking the fruity amber liquid, mixed into a small amount of water, very easily 
(I think I only forgot to take on one occasion, which for me was a success)

If you have read my 3 previous journey posts (click on the Pink Links below to catch up) 
you may well be aware that I didn't notice any changes whatsoever in my skin until around the 5th week of taking.
(this is to be expected as cells take 28-30 days to renew themselves)

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Collagen Lift Paris Red Carpet with Hyaluronic Acid

I was more focused on the firming benefits of taking the ampoules along with the softening of some of my more prominent wrinkles and furrows 
and it's important to remember, these drinkable Collagen ampoules are not a "quick Fix" so patience is required and in my opinion this is why it's important to buy two boxes of the ampoules to cover the initial two month use period, then after 2 months it's advisable to drink 1 ampoule every 2-3 days for ongoing maintenance. 
The ampoules per box (28 days supply) 
retail for R980 
(so this is an ongoing financial commitment)

Collagen Lift Paris Red Carpet with Hyaluronic Acid

Having cared for my skin since the age of 15, along with nearly a lifetime in the beauty and cosmetic industry I wasn't expecting to see any remarkable results and I was correct... I didn't see any remarkable results, but what I did notice and so did my friends and family, were very subtle changes.

There was a definite softening of my naso labial folds and my forehead furrows, but what I was most impressed with, were the changes I saw on the jowl area, which is always an area of concern,for most women, as our skin ages.
My skin looked visibly firmer around the jawline which gave me a softer, gentle more contoured appearance, in simple terms I looked less "Jowly".

With regards to my skins hydration and moisturisation I can't say I noticed any great improvement, but I'm aware that my skin is well balanced and I always use a daily skincare product containing Hyaluronic Acid, which is a wonderful moisture binder and skin plumper that offers immediate benefits and results for all skin types.
So if your skin needs a little TLC then expect it to feel smoother, plumper and more hydrated.
I've also read reviews on the improvement seen on both the hair and nails, which stands to reason, but I unfortunately didn't notice any significant changes in those areas, but that doesn't mean to say that you won't, as ageing can cause hair thinning, so any help in this regard will be of great benefit to most women.

There are two different types of Collagen ampoules available from Collagen Lift, the original black box, which I'm not going in to and the newer red box, which contains the same as the black + the Hyaluronic Acid making for a more powerful combo.
In my view it's a "no brainer" as the red box is the one to opt for, as the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid is an all important ingredient that most skins respond well to and love.

I'm glad I entered into the two month trial and even though I initially declined the offer,
I feel that a daily drinkable Collagen can work "hand in glove" with a good anti-aging skin care routine.
As I said earlier just drinking a daily tot of collagen is not going to give you an instant beautiful, ageless looking skin. 
Lets get real here, it takes time and a twice daily commitment for most of us to externally treat and protect our skins with products in order to combat the inevitable signs of the ageing process. 
But internally healthier eating habits, exercise and general good lifestyle choices will all go a long way to help and support the way in which our bodies age and taking the ampoules should be viewed in the same way, as another anti ageing option.

However that being said - for a neglected damaged skin, or for someone who is a heavy smoker or maybe in their late 30's or 40's and have just woken up to the fact their skin is ageing rapidly then I would highly recommend a good skin care regime and to embark on an extended course of ampoules and fit the "hand in the glove" quicker, as I can assure you before long it will fit very comfortably.

Collagen Lift is available from selected Dischems countrywide or order


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