22 March 2017


Here are 3 products that I've tried recently and I've decided to include them in this months QPR (Quickie Product Reviews)
As you know some products, if they don't impress me or don't warrant a full review just get a quick mention...


Brand : Garnier
Product : BB Cream Original Classic
Price : R110

I recently bought this only to go home and find that I have reviewed it back in 2013,
so click on this Pink Link to read my original review.
I wouldn't have bought this BB Cream again, as I have so many others that I'm wanting to try, but now that I have it - I will use quite happily.



Brand : The Body Shop
Product : Moringa Shower Gel (250mls)
Price : R99

received this as part of a Christmas gift and I've never rated The Body Shops shower gels or foam baths and my view on this remains unchanged
Pleasant soft fragrance
Soap free cleansing shower gel



Brand : essence
Product : Kajal Eye Pencil
Price : R19.95

 I was quite excited when this was included in the essence Beauty Advent Calendar
Not easy to find a white Kajal I thought this could be an alternative to my Michelle Ori
as I wear a white pencil daily to accentuate my eyelid and use to highlight under the arch of my brow.
This pencil is far too hard to use over the eyelid, even on the back of the hand you need to press quite hard to get any colour transfer
Causes way too much dragging on the skin and is "not a patch" on my current white pencil
 Doesn't come with an applicator on the one end to blend
My advice don't waste your R20


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