30 March 2017


Having highlighted my hair for what seems like a gazillion years I've often dreamt that a product like this would come along...
As you know the dreaded root re-growth always accompanies an expensive visit to the hairdresser and you know it's that time again "highlights time". 
I usually go around every 6-8 weeks, but there have been so many times where I've longed for a quick, easy to use at home product that would literally just conceal the dark re-growth or grey hairs just until I had the time to get my hair "fixed'.
I know there are many of you that can relate to this problem and I don't know of any other product on the South African market that can be used on blonde hair, however there are a couple that can be used on darker hair. Temporary root concealing products are a relatively new addition to the category of "Temporary Hair colouring", but I personally believe it's a sector of the market that could go from strength to strength, as R&D improves.
As you can imagine I eagerly accepted an invite to an event here in Durban, to find out more about the EVERPRO BACK2BLONDE and ZERO GREY range of products which claim to temporarily and instantly fix those dark roots. 

I was given four products from the BACK2BLONDE range to try and review.
Back2Blonde is available in two application formats and both are available in 3 blonde shades: 

Light Blonde
Medium Blonde
Dark Blonde

Back2Blonde Touch Up Spray


BACK2BLONDE temporary touch-up spray for blondes is the instant at-home fix for dark and grey roots.  Revolutionary spray-and-go formula, for visible blending in seconds that stays put until you next shampoo.
Prismatech pigments self-adjust to match and blend visible dark and grey roots.
Natural emollients give hair a healthy shine and natural feel
  • Pinpoint applicator for targeted coverage only where you want it
  • Quick-dry formula dries in 2 - 3 minutes
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Washes out with shampoo

  • For best results, apply to clean, dry hair.  Hold can 4 - 5 inches from hair.  Move can continuously back and forth until roots are evenly camouflaged.Let dry 2 - 3 minutes.  Apply more if necessary.
      Not to be used on facial hair, eyebrows or body hair.

    My Thoughts...

    I had to wait for my roots and grey hairs to show through, hence the delay with this post and as you can see from my pics below my re-growth is reaching desperation stage.
    I apologise for the quality of photos, but it's really quite difficult to take close up shots of your scalp and hair, but you can notice the difference between the before and after shots.

    The nearest colour to my highlighted hair was the Light Blonde, the medium blonde also worked, whereas the Dark Blonde had a brassy tone and was not suitable at all, so it's important to choose the correct colour.

    The Touch-Up spray was super easy and quick to use and the pinpoint applicator allowed for precise directional application and as EVERPRO beauty claim, it drys fast, gives your hair a shine and more importantly it washes out easily.
    What you do need to have on hand though, is a wet face cloth to just run along your scalp to remove any of the excess spray, otherwise it results in a blonde line along the scalp as you can see in the "After" pic.

Back2Blonde Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder

EVERPRO beauty ZERO GREY & BACK2BLONDE Root Touch-Up Powder

BACK2BLONDE temporary root touch-up magnetic powder is an instant, effective and easy to use solution to get rid of those unwanted dark and or grey roots. Unique, binding formula attaches along each hair strand like magnets providing the ultimate coverage that stays put all day long. 
Self-adjusting colour technology blends undetectably and matches hair colour for a natural finish.
Mineral-infused powder leaves hair soft, shiny and natural to the touch

Hidden sponge applicator allows for precise control and coverage
Compact packaging is perfect for on the go & small enough for travel
Washes out with Shampoo.

Remove base to reveal the sponge applicator. Lift top lid for powder. 
For best results, apply to clean, dry/styled hair. Using the sponge applicator, sweep a small amount of powder over dark or grey roots starting from the scalp and working outward. Re-apply as necessary.

My Thoughts...

Again Light Blonde was best suited to my hair colour and I opted to use this product on the temple areas of my hair. I often tie my hair back and the one area of re-growth that I hate to see is the temple area, above my ears.
The compact definitely takes more time to apply, however the sponge applicator does allow more control with focusing on the areas of coverage.
For this reason I preferred the nifty Touch-Up powder and it's so easy to pop into your handbag or gym bag, but it can easily be used as a touch up during the day after initially using the spray in the morning.
That being said I feel that with a little application practise with both the spray and the powder, anyone could become pretty good at being an "expert" temporary concealer of those roots and grey hairs.
ZERO GREY & BACK2BLONDE would work well for both male and females, as thinning hair is a common problem this product may just be a "godsend" for colouring in those thinning areas and giving it an appearance of being fuller and thicker.
Considering my long hair grows very quickly this product certainly couldn't take me from one colour to the next, but if your hair is short and slow growing then root concealing products could literally "fill in the gap" in between colours.

I enjoyed both formats and was quite happy with the results, as they both, in different ways, came to my rescue to cover the grey hairs and conceal the root re-growth, just enough to make it less obvious that what I really needed was 
an urgent appointment with my hairdresser.

Available from April 1st at selected clicks countrywide

Touch-Up Sprays

150 mls




Touch-Up Powders




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