Sunday, 12 March 2017


I'm rather late to the party with this product from Clarins, 
as the Award Winning Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector has been around for some time now and after several weeks of using,
is it really worthy of all the hype?

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector

There are 8 subtle shades available of this deliciously scented, protective and light reflecting lip balm.
I decided on 07 Toffee Pink Shimmer and it can be worn either on its own to give the lips a natural sheer and shiny shimmer or over any lipstick to enhance the colour and add shine.

The Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector is like no other lip balm I've ever tried and I've tried many, as this melting gel has a beautiful luscious, balmy, smooth texture, with no stickiness.

Shea Nuts

Containing extracts of Shea Butter and Wild Mango to repair and soften the lips plus derivatives of Vitamins A and E, this lip balm both repairs and protects against free radicals (yes free radicals do affect the lips as they do the skin) making this product both a treatment and a lip colour.

Clarins have delivered again and this Instant Light Lip has found a permanent home in my handbag and it's "whipped out" several times a day either to moisturise, tint my lips or pop over another colour.
The sponge applicator, which I thought would soon become tacky and messy has stayed remarkably "clean" (even when using over another lipstick) and the squeezy tube makes for an easy, quick and smooth application.
In reply to my own opening question
"Is it worthy of all the hype" 
YES it is...

I highly recommend you check out the Instant Light colour options if you're not a huge lipstick fan, but  are still wanting to wear a natural lip colour that's quick to apply and easy to wear.





Available from Clarins outlets countrywide and on line

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