18 May 2017


Unfortunately these Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Masks are not available in South Africa, but I was lucky enough to be gifted them by my London "Kiddiewink" on his recent visit and it was a perfect gift and just what my eyes needed...

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

My eye area has always been a cause for concern, as I'm sure it is for most women regardless of age and as they say "the eyes are the windows to you're soul" and I for one don't want to have my windows surrounded by dull, dry, lined or fatigued skin. This eye mask sounded like the perfect quick fix, as it promises to plump those telltale fine, dry lines and make your eyes look instantly more radiant, rested and renewed. 
What’s more,the eye mask is seriously infused with Advanced Night Repair technology and delivers 20 times more of the proven soothing, hydrating and repair ingredients compared to one application of the Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel Cream.

Directions for use:

Apply on clean skin, once a week at night.
Press liquid chamber to break seal and release formula onto the fabric pads.
(The little movie below makes this step look relatively easy, but I really battled to break the seal between the two chambers.I finally pushed the serum to the far right edge of the sachet and eventually the seal broke)
Then massage gently to ensure pads are fully saturated, as there is a lot of serum to be absorbed.
Tear open the packet and separate the pads (discarding the clear divider), then apply one under each eye.The heavily saturated pads are quite large and covered a decent area of skin, both below the eye and up around to the temple area. 
Estée Lauder suggest to leave on for 10 minutes, but I left on for a good 15 minutes or so and even after you remove, the now much drier pads, you will still need to gently pat in any remaining serum.
If desired, follow with your favourite eye cream, but I didn't feel this was necessary.
 For an extra burst of refreshment, I highly recommend you chill a packet in the refrigerator before you apply. 

Despite my initial difficulties with the packaging I absolutely loved, both using the eye mask and the results it gave.
Instantly, my eye area felt cool and refreshed and I couldn't believe that in just 10 minutes my eyes look more rested and the dry lines were plumped and the skin around my eye area felt drenched with hydration. 
However what impressed the most about the mask, was how my dark circles had been minimised and more importantly the skin had a more radiant appearance.
This eye mask would make a powerful addition to your Advanced Night Repair beauty regime if you are already a loyal fan, but would assimilate perfectly into any face care routine.
Without hesitation I would recommend this "hydration lifesaver" for use on a tiring and dehydrating long haul flight and the sachet is so easy to pop into your cabin bag.
This eye mask is also a "must" use product prior to a special occasion.
 Just to give you a "heads up" this product will, without a doubt be on my top 5 Skin Care Product list for 2017!

Honestly what more could you ask for from an Eye Mask?

The eye masks don't come cheap and can be bought individually 

or in a box of 4 or 8

$11 (1)
$40 (4)
n/a (8)

£10 (1)
£36 (4)
£65 (8)

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