Thursday, 27 July 2017


As always my list of products that I wanted to buy, during my recent holiday to the UK, was prepared well in advance and for this visit I created two haul lists, one for re-purchases and one for newly launched beauty goodies.

When I travel overseas I don't generally worry about buying items that I can get back in South Africa, but I do focus on the ones that I can't. 
I have decided to write a couple of blog posts showing what was on those lists and what I actually came back with.
First off, is my list of re-purchases, products that I've tried and want to replenish, but are still not available in SA. 

I have written reviews about most of these products and I will include the usual Pink Links  to those reviews.


This product was first bought last November and its made it onto my re-purchase list, the Simple Kind To Eyes Make-Up Removing Pads just make removing eye make-up on the go such a pleasure.


This next product is one that I continually buy when I'm overseas, as in my opinion its the best dry shampoo.
The Klorane dry shampoo has been around for several years, but again isn't available in SA.
(I have just discovered that I have never written a review on this product, so expect one in the near future)


Back in November 2016 on my last UK trip I bought the PIXI Glow Tonic after reading and hearing so many good reviews and regrettable I only bought the 100ml size, but on my list this time was the 250ml, as I really enjoy this glycolic exfoliating toner.


This next product wasn't on my shopping list as Yves Rocher isn't easily obtainable in the UK, but we took a 3 day trip to Belgium and walking down the small cobbled street in Brugge I came across an Yves Rocher boutique and as it made me so happy, as my favourite affordable eye make-up remover of all time is from YR as we no longer have the brand in South Africa.
It has gone under a re package, but the product remains the same.


My favourite eye masks from Estée Lauder was a "must include" on my re-purchase list.
This is now my third box  of the Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye masks and even though they are pricey,they are so worth it and this product for sure will be on my fave skincare products list for 2017, that I compile at the end of every year.

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