9 July 2017


As a Beauty Blogger I must say that I do pride myself on being somewhat of a good judge when it comes to buying products to review on my blog. Even though I receive products from some companies to try for review I do buy many of my own and I certainly don't want to waste my time and money by reviewing a product that doesn't fit in with either mine or you the readers best interests. 
I also try not to be taken in by other bloggers with either their own choices or products 
that they've also been given to review. 
Having said this I recently broke my own rule and was stupidly swayed into buying 2 products after reading so many "glowing" reviews on South African social Media.

Here are 3 products (actually there's 4 but I've grouped the shampoo & Conditioner together) that despite hating waste I really couldn't finish, so hence this type of post, which I have never written before and hopefully won't feel the need to write and post in the future.


The Comforter Shower Cream by Lush was bought on the strength of my love of the hugely popular Christmas Holiday Limited Edition product-Snow Fairy. Big mistake as I hate the fragrance and cannot bring myself to finish it. Now this is all a personal preference and in no ways diminishes the actually effectiveness of the product, but unfortunately I cannot get passed the fruit  fragrance, so it didn't get finished.

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Dove Advanced Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner were the 2 products that I bought after reading those "glowing" reviews. To find out more please click on the pink link below to read my original review. If ever there were products that had been totally over-hyped then these would be top of my list. 
After reading reviews and tweets I felt I was missing out on the best hair products of the year. I understand that many may disagree with me, but I personally believe that honesty was truly lacking in many of those reviews and having bought these 2 products myself I'm not obliged in any way to give that all impressing review.

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Eucerin is both a popular and well respected skincare brand, but my first experience sadly didn't impress. I tried the Eucerin Dermato Clean Eye Make-Up Remover, which wasn't bad, but I really didn't see the point in continuing to use, what I thought was an ineffective eye make up remover, when there are so many other great ones out there.

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  1. It's tricky to find a product that works for you. I bought a cream that my sister has been using for years when I used it my face looks ashy. I really dont like wasting product so now I'm blending it.

  2. I haven't tried the Dove or Eucerin products you mentioned, but I have to say that I got a small bottle of The Comforter shower cream, and I love it! It is entirely a personal preference when it comes to scents. I love TBS Raspberry Body Butter, so I knew I'd love something with a strong blackcurrant scent, AND I love The Comforter bubble bar too. My now husband loves these fruity berry scents, so we took the shower cream on honeymoon with us. Absolutely delish!


    1. I generally like fruity fragrances, but this was just too much and it also had an underlying petroleum smell that I really didn't enjoy.I can't wait for my Snow Fairy to come back for Christmas and I'm buying the big bottle this time...

    2. I wonder why you got that petroleum smell, as I didn't... Perhaps it's maybe the way the different batches are made, as with natural ingredients there might always be a bit of a variation??
      I think I might try and buy 2 bottles of Snow Fairy this year, so I can stockpile - it's my absolute best!