Sunday, 23 July 2017


I do love a good facial water spray and whilst it's seen by many to be "a nice to have" kind of product it has become for moi a "must have" beauty item.
I used the Evian spray many years ago when it was available in SA, but then I slipped out of the spritzing ritual once it became unavailable.
In recent years several similar products have been launched and for the past couple of years I have been enjoying the Eau Thermale Mineral Water Spray from Avène and I spray daily after my make-up application and often during the day to rehydrate or cool my skin on those hot Durban days.


Prior to my recent trip overseas I was looking for a smaller 50ml size spray for travelling,which Avène do make, but I thought I would give the Vichy Eau Thermale a try.

All of these French mineral water type sprays are suitable for sensitive skins, but not exclusively, so don't be put off buying if you haven't got a fragile or sensitive skin. 
This spa water spray is rich in rare minerals that soothe and refresh irritated and dry skin. It's hypoallergenic,dermatologically tested, alcohol free and free from Parabens.

I was quite unprepared for how many times I would be spritzing my skin during my two week trip and on several occasions it came to mine and my "hubby's" rescue just at the right time.

It's a great size to carry around in your bag and I found I was whipping it out to refresh and cool our skin often, whether it was on the stuffy hot London tubes, on trains, sitting on the stands watching my son pass out or driving in the car from the South of England to the North, it was a skin life saver...

Often the refreshing, soothing, spritzing sessions weren't confined to my hubby and I, but to the in-laws and friends, who seemed to automatically close their eyes and put their faces forward every time I pulled this little blue and white can out of my bag.

It was a pleasure to use and easy to control the spray nozzle (which some aren't). The fine spray was perfect and it didn't squirt out blobs of water out onto the skin.

I highly recommend that you include this multi tasking product into your daily skin care routine, as it can literally be enjoyed by all skin types, male or female and even the "kiddiewinks" enjoyed the soothing, cooling mist and best of all the can lasts for a really long time, making it easier to move it from the "nice to have" list onto the "must have" beauty product list...

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  1. How does it differ in result to the Avene one? I'm a religious Avene user, but have considered branching out and trying other brands!

    1. I also love Avene and these kinda mineral water sprays are pretty much all the same, but the Avene I think is more calming & soothing, especially on a sensitive skin.