Sunday, 16 July 2017


I'm not too adventurous when it comes to lipsticks and I tend to stick to the brands that I know and love, so this SUPER STAY 24 COLOR from Maybelline was somewhat of a random choice for me and its appeal was simple - the 2 step dual ended applicator.
The one end has the colour sponge applicator, (Step 1) whilst the other is a moisturising clear balm (step 2) formulated to moisturise the lips once the matte colour has been applied.

Not having tried too many matte, stay all day type lipsticks, I like many others are often deterred from buying following reports of drying, flaking and peeling of the lip colour and I'm certainly not looking for that, all I want is a stay all day moisturising lipstick, which is a tall order I know.

Maybelline claim that the SUPER STAY 24 COLOR Dual Lipstick stretches the limits of long wear thanks to the power of their microflex technology that lasts up to 24 hours.


No fading 
No smudging 
No transferring 
Up to 24hr wear

Success !

as this product ticks all of my lipstick boxes, as the application of the balm on top of the matte colour, which is more like a lip satin, keeps the lips comfortable and soft whilst adding a gloss finish.

I wouldn't go as far to say that the colour lasts 24hrs, but it is a really long wearing colour and regular applications throughout the day of either the lip balm or any gloss keeps the lips looking pretty presentable.

I opted for a darker shade than normal (730 Timeless Brown), but I am going to buy another lighter nude shade as I feel that R149.95 offers value for money for a stay all day lipstick, the doesn't peel, flake or dry out the lips.





Available from Maybelline stockists countrywide


  1. I'm so intrigued - I'd heard not so fabulous reviews on this product by overseas people, yet your review is great. Perhaps they only wanted the matte finish, so the moisturising balm was a waste on them.
    Either way, I'm totally going to give this product a try! Thanks for such a thorough review! xx

  2. Hi Siobhan I think matte lip products are a little hit and miss and I just found this to a hit for me.