Monday, 3 July 2017


I'm only reviewing 3 products this month as I am away overseas for half of it, but hopefully I will post my findings on my blog before the end of July as they're all pretty straightforward quick use products to review...


The Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Colour is a bit of a wild card for me, as I am not generally too adventurous with straying away from my usual safe brands of "lippies", so I hope I haven't wasted my money on this dual lip colour.


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The L'Oreal AGE PERFECT Cleansing Milk has been on my radar for a little while and as you know I'm constantly on the look out for good affordable cleansers that help to free-up cash in order to be used for the more important skin care purchases like serums, eye and face treatments.
Not that I'm saying cleansing isn't important as it is, but so is the budget and as always I'll put it to the test as to whether its worth buying or not.



If you have followed my blog for sometime you will already know how much I love a mineral water spray and use one daily. My go to favourite is the Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray from the French brand Avène, so even I'm very interested to see how this compares with the Vichy Eau Thermal Spa Water, which is also a French brand, so let the  battle of the sprays begin.



  1. I've tried the Vichy spray, and to be honest, they're all much of a muchness, except that the Avene one really does reduce my redness that bit more!