Wednesday, 19 July 2017


On my quest to find good "Budget" priced cleansers I recently picked this product up from the L'Oreal skincare section and even though I've seen it on the shelves for sometime I've just never gotten around to popping one into my basket until the other day...

The L’ORÉAL PARIS Laboratories have created the AGE PERFECT range for women with mature skin, aged 50 years and over, so luckily I just qualify to use...

The Age Perfect skin care line has been formulated for mature skin and includes cleansers, oils, serums, creams, and lotions, so you can get anti-aging benefits in every step of your skincare routine. Everything from the Age Perfect eye creams to the SPF lotions, moisturize, help reduce the effects of aging and restore healthy skin.

My first criticism is not about the product but its packaging,
despite the L'Oreal make-up range having a very upmarket look and feel the skincare
has to me, a disappointing cheap plastic presentation and therefore it makes me question the quality and efficiency of the contents that lie within...

This white creamy milk cleanser does have a luxurious feel and consistency and a pleasant delicate clean fragrance, but I'm sorry to say... this is where my praise of this product ends.

The AGE PERFECT Cleansing Milk contains Magnesium to cleanse the skin and Vitamin C to help re-energise. Whilst it cleanses perfectly well on a skin with no make-up, it really doesn't cope well with removal of foundation etc. and it actually took me 3 cleanses to remove all traces of make-up and to ensure that my skin was perfectly clean.
I found this cleanser to have an unpleasant oily texture that seemed to glide over the surface of the skin rather than cleanse, but perhaps this is a formulation feature to not drag and pull a weakened mature skin. 

Sadly this cleanser just didn't do it for me and it may just be added to my list for my next "products that I never finished" post.

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Available from L'Oreal stockists countrywide 

AGE PERFECT Cleansing Milk


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