14 January 2018


As consumers we tend to be fickle when it comes to buying make-up as we
 chop and change brands often and in most cases too often. 
With regards to skincare we tend to remain more loyal, but with colour we 
are drawn in by the creative ads, 
latest colour palettes, celeb launches, the promises of new technologies 
and so much more. 
Make-up is, in many instances, an affordable impulse purchase and one 
we make without too much research. 
Our cosmetic bags and drawers are no doubt groaning under the weight of 
our make-up excesses as we speak...

I have put together these 3 items that have been my "go to" products for some time 
and ones that I've already repurchased often.
(It's always a good sign when a beauty blogger repurchases a product)

Such a selection of eyelash and eyebrow products can leave you somewhat 
overwhelmed when it comes to making that final decision. 
Over my lifetime I have bought, tried and in the latter years reviewed so
 many mascaras.
 It's most probably the number one make-up item that we can't live without,
 so it's imperative that we choose the correct one. 
My current favourite and repurchase has been the 
Paradise Extactic from L'Oreal.

Eyeliner has been a more recent addition to my make-up bag and over the past four
 or five years I've come to enjoy the effect that a fine black line along
 the lashes can have in order to enhance your eye make-up whether it be a 
soft or bold look. 

The Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila 
has been hogging a place in my make-up bag for several years now and I don't
 see it loosing it's spot in the foreseeable future.

Eyebrow pencils have become a good friend to me as I've aged, 
my brows have become more sparse and lighter in colour and
 dare I say it "the odd grey hair has appeared", 
so the help of brow products have become a necessity. 
Benefit are the brow specialists and I adore their easy to use 

I hope this post has helped you.
Let me know in the comments below if any of these are your favourite
products or better still what your "faves" are...


  1. I bought that Lash Paradise mascara and had it delivered to a friend who was visiting the UK over Christmas. Got it from her this weekend and I used it for the first time today. I'm already in love, it's phenomenal!

    1. I agree and I hope it comes to SA soon, as I only have one back-up...