24 January 2018


This is my first "Tops" post where I've isolated make-up
and already feel that I need to increase to perhaps 6 products
for 2018, as I've tried and tested some good make-up items this past year.
I have narrowed it down to the 3 that I have replenished already and that's
always a great sign.

Apologies now, as two of the three are not yet available in South Africa,
but I'm keeping it real and they're my genuine faves .
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Also at the foot of this post I have included the links to my other Top posts
2017, so you can check out what other products I rate for the last 12 months.


L'Oréal Paradise Extatic Mascara

I feel that this mascara launch from L'Oréal Paris has been covered and mentioned
by every youtuber and blogger worldwide and quite rightly so, as it's a winner and
after all we can never have too many mascaras.


benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer

If you follow my blog and follow me on social media the 
inclusion of this next product will come as no surprise. 
During 2017 benefit re-launched their Boi-ing collection of concealing products and 
having put them all to the test, this Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer stood out for me
as a "must have" in your concealing collection of products, as when we get older
one concealer just isn't enough.
The whole range is pretty good and definitely worth checking out whether you're
looking for a heavy duty/brightening or hydrating concealing and of course my
star product the flawless finish Airbrush concealer.



Again this is another much talked about product during 2017 and one we
don't have in SA, but during my UK visit in July I couldn't not buy
and try. 
It wasn't an immediate love affair with this CC Cream, but its turned out to 
be my "go to" most days and that's why it's made it onto this list and I 
wouldn't like to be without it.

Below are the links to my other "Top" products posts for 2017


  1. I have the Lash Paradise and am obsessed, but those other two are both at the top of my wishlist already (clearly for good reason)!