7 January 2018


My London "Kiddiewink" visited South Africa for a months vacation, over the Christmas and New Year period, and as you can imagine he was e.mailed a beauty shopping list. Having worked in beauty retail in SA he knows his way around the beauty departments pretty well.(lucky future wife whoever she'll be)

Top of my list was the 2017 Marks & Spencer 25 Day Beauty Advent Calendar. M&S have created a beauty advent now for several years and they just keep getting better and better. They always seem to include a great selection of travel,sample and even some full sized beauty products from not only some of their own house brands, but many of their prestigious international skincare and cosmetic brands that they stock in store and online.
The contents are predominantly skincare items with a couple of nail, hair, body and fragrance products thrown in, so if your main focus is on skincare then this is a great option.

Brands include the likes of:

Emma Harding
Leighton Denny
Percy & Reed

All of the products are beautifully presented in individually numbered "house" shaped boxes within a larger chalet/house outer box.
Over the next few months I will write reviews on the calenders contents, so you can always sign up to bloglovin on the right hand sidebar, then  you won't miss any of my posts.
I highly recommend this annual beauty advent Calender as it's a wonderful way of exposing you to some of what the included brands have to offer and it's a fun way of getting a daily beauty treat in the run up to the final day on the 25th December.

How M&S work it every year, is you purchase anything online or in store for £35 (exc. food) and this qualifies you to purchase the Calender valued at £250 for just £35.
They're normally available around the first week on November.

I write several annual posts on beauty advent calenders and the M&S one always seems to come out 'on top" in terms of value for money and when you are using South African Rands to buy, that's important.
I'm giving you a "heads up" for next year and if you are able to get your hands on one, do, as you won't regret it.

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