15 January 2018


How I wish there was, on the market, a truly long wearing, 
colour enhancing nail polish that is chip and peel free.
Over the years I have tried several polishes, top coats and treatments that all claim
to do the above and some do to a certain extent, whilst others fail dismally.
I thought I would put the Swiss brand Mavalas' Colorfix to the test. 

Mavala Colour Fix Treatment is a uniquely formulated flexible top coat with acryl. 
This treatment should be applied over a dry coat of colour nail polish. 
Once it dries, the treatment forms a hard glaze that enhances
 the lustre and colour underneath. 
Mavala Colorfix allows nail polish to stay supple and adds an armour coating
 that protects against daily chipping and peeling.
In my opinion this product could help to give weaker nails
a much needed extra layer of strength and support.

Quick and easy to use, I found this extra step in my "home mani" worth while.
It provides a clear coat that appears to harden and as the name suggests
 fix the colour of your polish and over the days the colour looked as
good as the day I applied it,
whilst providing a professional shine, which I loved.

I used over the top of Mavalas own nail polishes and several others and the 
effect was the same.
There was no crazing or chipping, but I did experience some peeling at the 
tips, but that could have just been some bad prep on my part.

This extra product does come in a little on the hide side price wise, 
but if weekly DIY manicures are your thing then this could be a product
 to add to your kit.

Mavala Colorfix


Available at Dischem and good pharmacies countrywide

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