1 January 2018


My first post for 2018 is a QPR (Quickie Product Review) and today 
I have three "cheap n cheerful" make-up items to give you feedback on.

Brand : Maybelline
Product : Baby Lips Electro (Pink Shock)
Price : R37

This may seem like a strange product for me to go out and buy, 
but I didn't, as it was actually a free gift in a magazine, so I thought I would 
add it into my QPR post for January.
Initially I had wide eyes at the neon colour, thankfully it transforms onto
the lips as a lovely toned down pink shade.
I was pleasantly surprised and I found that over the holidays it was a lip balm 
that I constantly kept reaching for.
 I enjoyed how comforting it felt on my lips
and it claims to offer 8 hours of hydration,which I won't dispute.
It was moisturising in a non greasy way and the soft, sheer pink colour just added
 to its appeal, along with the price.

Verdict : 8/10


Brand : Catrice
Product : Glam & Doll False Lashes Waterproof Mascara
Price : R79.95

Mascaras are a difficult item to review as it's such a personal choice
as we each have different needs from our favourite make-up item.
The brush on this mascara is curved with short bristles, which I like
 as it allows for easy application on individual lashes in order to create
volume and definition and give the appearance of wearing false lashes.
On longer lashes it may give that affect, but on my "shorties" not so much
Not being a huge fan of waterproof mascaras I enjoyed
using this on my recent vacation, but I can't say it's the best on
the waterproof front.
However if you like mascaras with this style of wand and you are wanting
a false lash look then it could be one to check out 
without breaking the "beauty bank".
It's only available in deep black.

Verdict : 6/10


Brand : Essence
Product : Ultra Last Lip liner
Price : R26.95

Not normally a wearer of a lip liner, yet many years ago I used to always 
use one and to be honest I'm not sure when or why I stopped using.
I thought I would buy a cheap option just to test the lip liner waters again.
It claims to be "smooth & Gliding which it is, but I can't say that its waterproof
(waterproof is quite a claim in a lip liner)
Would I buy this again? Yes and they have a good selection of colours 
and its another good affordable option.

Verdict : 7/10

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  1. I am definitely going to have a look at the Essence lip liner as I saw it recommended by another beauty blogger, Angie, from Hot and Flashy. I like that it is affordable and has a good selection of colours.

  2. Hi Hanneri, for the money you can go wrong...