8 April 2018


My London "Kiddiewink" announced a surprise visit home to South Africa literally
3 days before his arrival and whilst I was super excited at the thought of
seeing him, my mind immediately went into beauty "Haul" mode.

Not having too much time to shop he managed to get me a few of my
beauty goodies on the list.

As always I will be reviewing all of these products here on my blog
over the coming months. All of the below are not yet available in South Africa,
some I'm sure will never come, but hopefully a couple 
will be launched soon. 

L'Oreal is the world's largest cosmetics company and unfortunately its not a "given" 
that all ranges and products that are launched into the rest of their world markets
 are launched here in South Africa.
spotted these on the Superdrug website and obviously I must have been
feeling in a "glowy" mood, as these three items went onto my list.
I did order a third L'Oreal make-up product (Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops)
 which was sadly out of stock due to it
 being a recent launch, but I did  manage to get my hands on the 
following these 2 items.

The Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint
I have been looking for a glowy no make-up skin tint type product for a while now, so I'm hopeful for this one.
To read my recent failure with The Body Shop Instaglow CC Cream

The True Match Highlight
is a major highlighting product, but its appeal was that you can mix 
a small amount of product into your regular foundation, 
so let's give this a try and seeif it's suitable for my mature skin.
I did say that this haul had a glow theme to it...


Rodial is a brand that isn't available in South Africa, but one that I've been
keeping an eye on overseas and they some really interesting skincare products
albeit pricey.
I have been wanting to try these two masks for sometime now and regret not
 buying them on my last trip to the UK.

I love a good hydrating Eye Mask and I'm really
keen to compare this Dragon's Blood Eye Mask to my all time fave
The Advanced Night Repair Eye mask from Estée Lauder

Lip Masks are now a thing and never having tried one before I thought I would 
give Rodial Dragon's Blood one a try.


The Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist 
was another product that I've kept looking at whilst on my trips and yet not buying.
It's not a new product in the UK, but it does appeal to me, as it seems 
to offer plenty of benefits for the skin with just one spritz.
Hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

Simple skincare range used to be available in South Africa, but sadly no more,
which is a pity as its a pretty good and very affordable skincare brand.
I have reviewed one of their products in the past Click here to read

I liked the look of their Korean Hydrating Sheet Mask and despite having
around 6 sheet masks that I still haven't yet used from various brands, 
it can be added to the stash to try and review.

Pop back tomorrow for Part 2 of my UK Haul

Do let me know if you have given any of the above a try and what
your thoughts were...


  1. I've never heard of that Garnier product and now I absolutely must have it!


    1. Hi it's been out a while overseas, but just hold on for my review 😉

  2. I hadn't realised Rodial had pulled out of SA. That mist looks lovely, as do the L'Oreal goodies

    1. I don't think Rodial ever were in SA, I'm also excited to try my goodies. I tried to opt for things we don't get here..