17 April 2018


Last week on my quick trip to Johannesburg I purchased some beauty products
 from the recently opened
in Sandton shopping centre
 and into my packet they popped in some extra samples. 
Now, we all like free samples, but I have to say I did get rather excited about these freebies, 
as a couple were from the niche French fragrance house

is a Paris-based luxury goods company that produces a high-end line 
of scented candlesperfumes, face and body care and if you were wondering 
what the name actually means 
Diptyque is from Ancient Greek δίπτυχος (díptykhos) and refers 
to a painting or sculpture composed of two panels.

Their beautiful fragrant collections have been around since 1961 and their
 first fragrance since 1963, so Diptyque know a thing or two about
fragrance and especially candles.

I will be using these cute 2ml Eau de Toilette sprays of 

 Eau Des Sens 

and letting you know my thoughts on Sunday...

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  1. Very keen to hear what you have to say about these - I hear so much about the brand and would love to one day own a Diptyque candle!