15 April 2018


If you love French skincare and have a sensitive skin, then
 may already be familiar to you. 
If not here's the low down...

Recommended by more than 25,000 dermatologists and in over 50 countries worldwide, 
La Roche-Posay offers a unique range of daily skincare developed with dermatologists 
to meet their standards in efficacy and tolerance with elegant textures that 
are pleasant to use.

Their skin care products are developed following their own strict formulation charter,
combining their unique antioxidant and soothing Thermal Water with ingredients 
proven effective and gentle on skin. 

I've been aware of the brand for sometime as it occupies space in many French pharmacies 
alongside other well known pharmacy brands like:

to name just a few.

Having recently launched in South Africa I popped along to Dischem to
 buy just one product, their Eye Make-Up Remover for sensitive eyes, 
but as often happens I walked out with more than one, in fact it was three. 
The reviews on those products will be coming over the next few weeks 
only once I've tried and tested them fully for you...

Where possible I opt for specialised eye make-up removers,
preferably for sensitive eyes, as it does tend to be the one area that 
flares up and having recently used an eye product that didn't agree with me,
 I was hopeful that this product would be soothing and gentle on the irritated 
and sensitised skin around my eyes.

Formulated to gently and effectively remove eye make-up, whilst also 
respecting the skins pH.It contains non of the usual irritants like alcohol, 
soaps, colourants and parabans.

I like the simplicity and the easy to use flip lid plastic bottle.
(my pet peeve,the size of the hole is small and doesn't let the contents gush
 out like so many liquid nozzles do).

I personally found this non fragranced product to be both soothing and comforting,
 especially as my skin was still feeling slightly irritated. 
Having continued to use the product post reaction I found it removed my 
eye make-up gently, but I'm not sure how it would fare with heavy eye make-up,
 but true sensitive skins generally tend to avoid heavy eye make-up anyway.

I can happily say that this product has now found a permanent place in
 my beauty regime and I'm happy it has a deserving place...

La Roche-Posay Eye Make-Up Remover
 Sensitive Eyes

Available at selected Dischems countrywide



P.s. I find the pricing here in South Africa to be very good in 
relation to other imported brands.

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