26 April 2018


The chances are that if you've already heard of the French skincare brand
 it could be due to this one product that has now become somewhat of an
iconic, cult product in the world of chapped lips .
The Cicaplast collection of products have been formulated to soothe, 
repair and protect skin from infection. Ideal for dry, chapped or irritated skin and is suitable for use on 
rashes, grazes, eczema-lesions, dry patches and on post-procedural wounds and I was excited to try 

 Barrier Repairing Lip Balm

lesions, dry patches and n st-procedural wounds.

How I wished this product was available in South Africa a few years ago in my
cycling and running days, as chapped lips were the bane of my life.
The constant sun and wind exposure would result in me licking my dry lips
which in turn would lead to my lips drying out even more and this vicious
cycle of lick,dry,lick,dry would repeat its self over and over until 
my lips would be so red and chapped they would crack and bleed.
Despite all my lip balm and sunscreen efforts nothing seemed to ease or remedy my problem. 
The problem did eventually go away as my cycling and running days ended and since 
then I only suffer with dry lips in cold climates or during flights.
I recently put it to the test when I flew to Johannesburg, which is considerably 
colder than Durban and immediately I felt my lips becoming more dry.

The clear balm provides a protective and repairing barrier to nourish and soothe
the delicate lips and the skin around the lip area in order to prevent further chapping.
This fragrance free, paraben free lip balm contains amongst other
 lubricating and repairing ingredients
 5% Panthenol (Provitamin of B5) 
Shea Butter (one of my favourite nourishing ingredients) 
Thermal Water

The non greasy balm soon provided comfort and with regular application throughout
my flight and stay I had non
of my usual tell tale signs that dry and chapped lips were on their way.

The selection of mediocre or good lip balms on the market are endless, 
but "Great" ones are more difficult to come by and I have to agree
this product is deserving of the praise, as it's one of those 
This is a for sure a "must have" in every household, as it's a lip saver for
the whole family including children above 3 years of age.

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 Barrier Repairing Lip Balm




Available at selected Dischems countrywide

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