Tuesday, 3 April 2018


On a recent trip (July 2017) to the UK I was looking to do a 4 day European getaway 
and I decided on Bruges in Belgium 
and my main reason for opting for Bruges was simple 
The Eurostar.

We were using Central London as our base and considering the long haul flight from South Africa, 
we really didn't want to look at flying anywhere and train travel suited us perfectly.
I have been on the Eurostar before from St Pancras to Gare de Nord in Paris 
and it's just as easy to travel to Brussels and then change trains 
for the short hop to Bruges.
Brussels station, even though large, was easy to navigate and station
staff were always on hand to help and spoke good English.
N.B. when booking your Eurostar ticket click on Destination Brussels and then click
 on the drop down box for "Any Belgian Station via Brussels", which then 
allows you to book any onward journey within Belgium.

I last visited Bruges when I was around 12 or 13 years old and to be honest little 
has changed and 
that's what I like about old Europe,many of the old towns 
have remained pretty much the same, 
with the exception of the appearance of fast food chains.

Bruges (once best know for its lace) is fairly easy to navigate around 
and lends itself to being on foot with the exception
of the cobbles that is...
I know they look pretty, but they do wreak havoc on your feet, so wear very 
comfy flats.
(They also make hard work of wheeling your suitcases and has led to literally
many "wheels coming off")

We all absolutely loved our stay in Bruges, as there is plenty to see and do.
It's an overload of pretty and quaint and four days is a perfect stay time.
The architecture, the friendly people, the food and of course the Belgian Beer
and we even the weather came to the party and it 
made for a great trip enjoyed by all.

I do recommend that you take a canal boat trip (approx 8 euros) and as always 
you must try the food of the region, which in this case just happens to be 

Belgian Frites, 
Belgian Chocolate
Belgian Waffles
and the infamous 
Belgian Beer.

We also took a short train trip to Oostende on the Belgian coast, but maybe
I'll keep that for another blogpost.
Let me know in the comments below if you have been to Bruges.

Enjoy my quick pic tour of this beautiful
 short break destination...

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