Saturday, 27 October 2012


On with my "Glad Rags" on Thursday evening, as I attended the Relaunch of the newly refurbished Jennifer Eales Skin Care Clinic in Morningside Durban.

John Bleach, Jennifer Eales, Josette Eales, Moi and Terrence Bray

Jennifer Eales is the "Doyenne" of the beauty industry here in Kwa Zulu Natal
 and she has been successful in the business for over 30 years, which is quite an achievement in this 
"day and age".

The line up for the evening consisted of the obligatory welcoming drinks and wonderful finger "snackies" all served in a pretty candle lit courtyard..Oh! and I must make mention of the great musical entertainers, who go by the "cute" name of "Veranda Panda" and very differently, they make music with machines and a violin.

Veranda Panda

 Interesting presentations were given by Dermalogica, Sprayology and Bio-Therapeutic as well as a fitting tribute to Jennifer.

Local designer Terrance Bray showcased his wonderful Summer 2012/13 collection and some of the latest designs from Jenni Button were also shown.

Terrance Bray creation
Terrance Bray creation

The event was very well attended and a good time was had by all.....
Congratulations! to Jennifer Eales and her team for a wonderful evening and I wish you lots of continued success with your beautiful new Skincare clinic.


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  2. Thanks for your kind words Andrew, as I am not a writer,as you can most probably tell,but I have been in the beauty industry for many years.I am glad it came across well, as it was a lovely evening!